3 Tips To Sneak Extra Exercise Into Your Day

Have you been finding it hard to set aside time in your day to stay physically active? You’re not alone. Busy professionals and older generations, in particular, seem to struggle with finding enough time during the day to exercise. One out of ten baby boomers reports that their physical activity is limited to just a few days a month. This can be a serious problem, especially when many people’s continued physical health relies on getting enough activity during the day.

However, there is good news; there are plenty of ways to sneak in just a little bit of extra movement and activity into your day without even having to change your schedule. Here’s how you can ensure you stay active, even if you’re too busy for exercise.

  • Use technology: Set reminders on your phone, tablet, smartwatch, or other devices to remind you to get up and move every so often. It can be easy to get so lost in work that you forget to take breaks to move; use technology to break it up and remind you to take some time for yourself and your health.
  • Take the stairs: Instead of taking the elevator up to your office, try taking the stairs. It will only take a few extra minutes at most, and it’s a great way to squeeze in a bit of cardio before you dive into work for the day.
  • Make use of standing time: When you think about it and pay attention, you’ll be surprised how many moments throughout the day you spend standing with little to do. Whether you’re waiting in line at check out or standing around until your bus comes, take advantage of your stationary standing time. Simply flexing your core muscles or bouncing in place a bit can add just a small amount of activity to your day, but every small activity you can add will add up.

It can be difficult to fit in exercise on a regular basis, especially if you’re a busy, hardworking professional. However, focusing on little activities to stay moving throughout the day can be a strong step in the right direction.

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