3 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Thrill — And 3 You Can Forget

If you’ve been with your partner for a significant amount of time, chances are that you’ve gotten a bit bored with your typical date nights. Chances are that you’re also rather busy, between work and family — you just might not have the time to go on dates as much as you used to. At the same time, date nights are extremely important for couples, especially those with children. You need time to step back from caring for your kids and the daily grind and devote yourself to having fun with your partner. However, finding the right time for a real date night can be tricky. This is one reason why lots of couples take Valentine’s Day so seriously. The last thing you’d want is to waste your Valentine’s Day date on a bad idea. Let’s go ahead and think about what Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll want to consider, and which ones you should probably just toss aside while you’re ahead.

Do: Enjoy A Couple’s Spa Day

Men can sometimes protest about spending a day at the spa, often due to a lot of old-fashioned ideas about spa days not being “masculine” enough. But a couple’s spa day is often an entirely different matter — and the fact is that you’ll probably have a hard time getting him to leave if you take your husband to the spa on Valentine’s Day! Many spas often Valentine’s Day couples packages, which of course can include the coveted couple’s massage. Usually, a massage session will take anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes, and you can decide on the specific type of massage that you want as well. This is not only great for your mental health, helping you relax — it’s also good for your body. Spas can also offer time at the pool, as well as aromatherapy and much more. Spending the whole day together in itself is such a luxury that it will be a while before the two of you forget this kind of date!

Don’t: Hit The Same Old Restaurant

A dinner date may seem to be the standard for Valentine’s Day — and it’s not an entirely bad idea. However, even if you feel comfortable with a restaurant and know that you love its environment and food, you shouldn’t return to the same old place for such a special date. Lots of people feel as if it’s risky to go out on Valentine’s Day to a restaurant they’ve never visited before. But if you do your research and read reviews — or maybe take a recommendation from a friend — you shouldn’t have an issue with finding a restaurant that is exactly what you want. Or conversely, you could do away with the idea of a conventional dinner date entirely, and perhaps make a picnic for you and your partner!

Do: Go On An Outdoor Adventure

There are many reasons why parents often end up going on a Valentine’s Day date, emphasize day — it’s often hard to find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day evening, and your kids will probably be in school on the day of, so why not do it then? But if you’re spending your date time on the day versus the evening, you might want to get a little creative. Try going on a hike and enjoying your favorite walking trail. If the two of you enjoy getting out and about, you may want to try something a little more challenging as well. For example, hiking up a mountain or even trying rock climbing. You could even work with a company and try something especially out of the ordinary, like whitewater rafting! If you’re among the 69% of millennials who consider themselves to be adventurous, you’ll probably enjoy the physical challenge. Your partner probably will too — 2018 alone saw 80% of Americans focus on health and wellness when making their New Year’s resolutions, and this year isn’t very different. This way, you can combine physical fitness with adventure, making a great Valentine’s Day Date!

Don’t: Visit A Theme Park

If you live close to a theme park — especially if it’s one of your favorites — you may feel tempted to hit the rollercoasters on Valentine’s Day. This might be a fun date if you’re in the beginning of a relationship, but if you have kids chances are that you probably go to theme parks with your children, making it more of a family activity than a couple’s activity. Furthermore, though some theme parks offer Valentine’s Day deals, they’ll still be full of visiting families and kids, even if it’s February — remember that they’re open for everyone, not just you, and pass.

Do: Take A Class Together

Learning together is not only fun, but actually quite intimate. Whether you’re taking a cooking class together or creating a painting together, you and your spouse will be able to enjoy each other’s company and create memories that you won’t forget. And if you’d like to harken back to a certain famous movie scene — you may very well want to consider taking a sculpting class together.

Don’t: Stay At Home

We probably shouldn’t have to say this — but make an effort! Go out together, dress up — or dress appropriately for whatever activity you’ve chosen — and spend time together as a couple. If you stay home, the day will just be like any other. Sure, Valentine’s Day might seem to be a trivial holiday; but if you’re a couple trying to find time to spend together, it can stand as the perfect “excuse” to have an unforgettable date.

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