Can My Dog Eat That?

Dogs often act like living garbage disposals. In fact, our dog’s primary job around here is picking up food dropped by kids. because of this we have a list of foods someone has to pick up right away should a young child drop it. This journey prompted a log of google searches and it turns out I am not the only one. In fact, the more I looked up the more I discovered people have questioned the safety of that I would never have thought of.

Can dogs eat human food?

It is generally recommended that your dog’s diet is primarily a quality dog food made of whole food ingredients. We have our dog food delivered monthly from Amazon so we don’t have to think about it and know he gets a balanced diet between snacks the kids give him.

Can dogs eat fruit?

Dogs love fresh fruits. These sweet treats are perfect for summertime with a few precautions you need to be mindful of. Many fruit seeds are toxic and should not be given to your pet that will eat the entire fruit seed and all.

Can dogs eat bananas?

Bananas are high in sugar so they should be limited. Frozen treats made with bananas, yogurt, and peanut butter make a great snack on a hot summer day that your dog is sure to love.

Can dogs eat apples?

Apples are an amazingly healthy and crunchy snack for your dog that loves to chew. The center of the apple contains seeds that have cyanide in them. It is best to wash and core your apples before giving them to your dog. For an extra treat fill the cored center with peanut butter.

Can dogs eat berries

Edible berries are safe for dogs. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and any other berry you would serve at your table is fine for your dog. Berries are high in sugar and should be limited but if your dog gets one that fell or you want to give them a treat this is just fine.

Can dogs eat mulberries?

Yes dogs can safely eat these common backyard berries. If you have a mulberry bush in your backyard yoru dog will be perfectly safe munching on them.

Can dogs eat pineapple

Fresh raw pineapple can make a great occasional treat in small portions for your dog. Canned pineapple is high in sugar and often has artificial sugars your dog can not safely eat so you should avoid your dog eating canned pineapple.

Can dogs eat watermelon

For many watermelons are a highlight of summer. The sweet pink flesh of the watermelon is safe for your dog and makes a great cold treat when your family is enjoying a nice cold watermelon. However, the seeds and rines are toxic to your dog and you should be careful to remove these before sharing with your pet.

Can dogs eat grapes

While most fruits make a great treat for your dog grapes and raisins are a big NO. These fruits are highly toxic to dogs and should not be given to your beloved pet.

Can dogs eat avocados?

Avocados contain persin which can be highly toxic to animals if enough is ingested. Because of this, you should avoid giving your dog avocado. Small amounts occasionally will not harm your dog so if your child shares their sandwich that had a little on it your dog will be fine but this is best not used as a regular treat. Be careful of avocado pits in the house. These look like fun balls to chew and are extremely toxic to your dog so they should be disposed of where your pet can not get to it.

Can dogs eat tomatoes

Stems, leaves, and green tomatoes contain solanine and can harm your dog. On the other hand, fresh ripe red tomatoes do not contain solanine and are safe for your dog so you can feed them leftovers of food containing tomatoes without worry.

Is it safe for dogs to eat vegetables?

Many vegetables are great snacks for your dog while some are highly toxic and should be avoided for man’s best friend. If you allow your dog to munch on human food or wish to give him vegetables for chewing you need to be mindful of what vegetables you are giving him.

Can dogs eat onions

Unions are a bulb and are toxic to dogs. While your dog can die from a few grapes onions need a much higher dose to become an issue. Onions are often used as a seasoning and small doses in the food you cooked for yourself will be okay but visible bits of onions should be removed from food before you give it to your dog.

Can dogs eat garlic

Just like onions garlic can harm your dog. Both onions and garlic hurt your dog by preventing them from absorbing nutrients properly. While you can safely give your dog leftover steak that was cooked with garlic you should avoid regular additions of garlic in your dog’s diet.

Some people recommend feeding your dog garlic to help repel fleas and ticks. While this can be effective the results are achieved leaving your dog lacking vital nutrients. Instead opt for a flea and tick treatment. If you do not go through your veterinarian for flea and tick treatment you can opt to get flea and tick treatments delivered to your door regularly so you do not need to worry about running out when you need it most.

Can dogs eat potatoes

Potatoes are not the best food for your dog. Raw potatoes have solanine which can be highly toxic. Cooking removes the solanine but in cases like french fries, fried potatoes, and mashed potatoes the added salt and oils are not good for your dog.

Can dogs eat corn

Corn kernels are safe for your dog but not recommended as they are often cooked with fats, oils, and salt that are not good for your dog. If your dog eats a few kernels off a plate of leftovers there is no harm done.

Corn cobs, on the other hand, are a real danger to your dog. The issue with corn cobs is that your dog could swallow one whole or large chunks. Corn cobs will not break down in your dog’s digestive tract and can lead to a bowel obstruction. This is an often fatal condition as most pet owners have no idea what happened until long periods have passed and veterinarians are limited in how much expensive surgery can help if your family can afford it.

Popcorn? Air-popped popcorn is a fun occasional snack. Avoid popcorn cooked in oil and salt. Partially and unpopped kernels can cause dental issues and should be kept away from your dog.

Can dogs eat carrots

Carrots make a great healthy snack for your dog. Large chunks can be a choking hazard so it is a smart idea to cut up the carrots before serving. Whole carrots, on the other hand, make great chews but your dog should be supervised if you go this route.

Can dogs eat mushrooms

Just like humans eating mushrooms can go one of two ways. Safe edible mushrooms make a great healthy food choice while others are poisonous and have disastrous results. While you can feed your dog the same mushrooms you eat, it is vital that you remove mushrooms from your yard that could be a hazard to your dog.

Can my dog eat peanut butter

Peanut Butter makes a great high protein snack for your dog. When buying peanut butter for your dog look for one without added artificial sweeteners that can be toxic to your dog. Natural verities without added oils and salt are best. You can even make your own simple peanut butter at home.

Can my dog eat whipped cream

Whipped cream is not the best option for your dog. While small amounts will not harm your dog many dogs do not respond well to dairy, fats, and sugars found in whipped cream.

Can my dog eat Ice cream

Many dogs struggle from dairy tolerance issues. Large amounts of dairy like found in ice cream can lead to bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Some dogs tolerate dairy better than others so if you want to give your dog ice cream start with small amounts. Many ice cream places have doggy cups that are small and designed to be a fun treat for your pet. You can find dog-safe ice cream treats in the freezer section at many grocery stores.

Can my dog eat bones

Dogs are well known for eating bones. Many people are surprised to discover how dangerous feeding your dog bones really is. Cooked bones splinter and can lead to intestinal damage and even death for your dog. Many people have no idea the danger of giving your dog bones like from your ham dinner during the holidays. Instead, opt for raw bones sold specifically for dogs.

Can dogs eat chocolate?

The most common item people discuss their dogs eating is chocolate. We all grew up hearing that chocolate will kill dogs. The issue with chocolate is the compound theobromine. While harmless to us dogs can not metabolize theobromine. Small amounts may give your dog diarrhea but large doses of chocolate can be fatal. If your dog snuck a bit of chocolate there is no reason to panic. If the got a hold of large amounts of chocolate give your veterinarian a call.

Why does my dog eat that?

Dogs are non-discriminatory when it comes to things they eat. Just ask my dog who has ate everything from chairs to a WALL. It’s not uncommon to find a dog rooting through the cat’s litter box.

Why does my dog eat grass?

While people say dogs eat grass to make themselves throw up most dogs won’t have this issue. Dogs eat grass to aid digestion and increase fiber in their diet.

Why does my dog eat poop?

One major issue we have had to deal with is our dog sneaking into the diaper pail to eat baby poop. We have had to upgrade the diaper pail a few times to find one that is dog-proof. A little research explains this issue.

Dogs can be found eating poop for several reasons including just being board. The draw to eat poop is actually for a good reason. mother dogs eat their puppies poop to keep their den clean and to eliminate the odor that could attract predators that would harm her litter.

Of course we don’t want our dogs eating poop so there are a few things you can do to help.

  • Pick up waste form your yard often
  • Use diaper bins that have a heavyweight lid and no step plate that a smart dog can use to open the pail.
  • Use gates to keep your dog out of rooms that have cat litter boxes.

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