Can You Freeze Butter?

Can you freeze butter? Yes and the truth is you should. With the price of food, families are looking for ways to save money. One great way to do this is to shop sales and buy in bulk. Butter has a relatively nice life in the refrigerator but when you find a good deal you want to take advantage of it you will want to plan on freezing butter.

While butter can last roughly 4 months in the refrigerator you can get 6 to 12 months in the freezer allowing you to take advantage of the best sales or even making your own butter should you find a deal on heavy cream.

Around major holidays you can score butter for under $2 a pound making it the perfect time to stock up on basics like butter and cream cheese to freeze.

Can you freeze butter?

Can you freeze butter? How to freeze butter

Yes, you can freeze butter. If buying butter at the supermarket sticks are well-drained of buttermilk and ready to freeze. These sticks work perfectly for storage.

If you are making your own butter you need to be sure you fully drained all of the buttermilk. Even a few drops within the butter can lead to it spoiling quickly.

A lesson I learned really quickly when I first started making homemade butter. For the best results be sure to use a few layers of cheesecloth to squeeze out excess liquid.

How to freeze butter

Freezing butter is easier than you think and well worth taking the time to do when it goes on sale. Kroger tends to have a monthly butter sale while most stores will have a sale on butter around the holidays and easter.

How to freeze store-bought butter

Leave sticks of butter in the original wax paper wrapping and ideally inside the box they came in. This will aid in preventing freezer burn or gathering odors and flavors from other items in your freezer while you store the butter.

Place the boxes inside a freezer bag or use a FoodSaver vacuum sealing machine to pack your butter to protect it longer. You can choose to place your butter into a reusable food storage container for a more eco-friendly option that will save you money.

How to freeze homemade butter

Homemade butter can be a bit more complicated than butter that comes neatly packaged. When making butter you need to ensure you remove all liquid.

The remaining liquid when making butter is referred to as buttermilk and has a sweet taste. This makes a great treat. to remove the buttermilk from the butter use these simple steps.

  • Strain butter through a cheesecloth to remove as much of the buttermilk as you can.
  • Wrap the solid butter in the cheesecloth
  • Unwrap the butter and use a spatula to submerge the butter in a bowl of ice water. The water will become cloudy as the remaining buttermilk escapes.
  • Repeat until the water remains clear.

Divide your butter into the measurements you would like to freeze it. Wrap in wax paper with the shiny size in.

Now you can store this butter in a freezer bag or preferably use a FoodSaver vacuum sealing machine to ensure your butter is well protected while in the freezer.

How to thaw frozen butter.

Can you freeze butter? How to freeze butter

To thaw your utter simply move to the refrigerator or your favorite butter dish overnight. This will allow the butter to thaw slowly. Need the butter faster? You can soften the butter quickly by boining a mason jar then plaing the butter inside the hot jar and placing the lid on.

This will gently heat around the butter warming it slowly. For those of you with a microwave, you can thaw butter in 10 second intervals flipping the sticks over with each cycle for even thawing. If the recipe calls for melted butter or just slices of butter that will melt over the dish you can save time and energy by just working with the frozen butter.

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