Co-working Spaces are Becoming More Common and Here’s Why

Co-working spaces are offices used by temporary workers, freelancers, artists, startup companies, and large corporations. They are shared office space for those that want to escape the isolation of working alone or renting an expensive office space. They offer shared desks with computers and phones, meeting rooms, copying, mail, video conferencing, and office meeting space. Often they have a coffee or breakroom with snacks and a way to prepare small meals. You can rent space for a specific amount of time and only what you need.

Types of Worker That Use Co-Working Spaces

why co-working spaces are a smart business move

Freelance writers often use co-working spaces: artists, writers, graphic designers, filmmakers, and creative people that work alone. It connects them to other artists and they can share equipment and supplies. A startup company in different creative fields, technology, web design, advertising often uses co-working spaces for their offices. They may have temporary workers and part-time jobs, so expensive office space is not required.

Small businesses use these offices as they save on leases and provide all the services needed to run a business successfully. They have transportation, cafes, gyms, and other convenient services nearby. Some large corporations rent out these spaces to certain departments that may provide technical support or creative services. Some organizations use these offices to train and certify truck drivers or workers for safety training. In 2020, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association increased its standards for truck drivers receiving a license.

Benefits of A Co-Working Space

Coworking spaces create a sense of connection and community due to the diversity of workers. Many have special amenities in the buildings: exercise room, food service, concierge services, cafes with beer and wine, wireless Internet access, and more. You can enjoy working during the day or in the evening. The times are flexible due to the fact that it is not a structured work environment. It often provides workers with an opportunity to network with other professionals in their field.

Many offices are centrally located and near many services that workers may need. The cost is more affordable. It can be used for full-time work, or a flexible office when your team travels or is on the road. It can be used as an office for parents on the days when kids are home to get work done and not be distracted. When you are expanding, it can be a less expensive way to rent office space than a lease or a new building.

Coworking Spaces Are Used To Train Employees

These offices may be used to train employees and give classes for those that need to be certified. Foodservice workers might take a class in sanitation and food safety in these offices before they start work. Special classes are offered by associations and these offices are a good way to save on the cost of office space. Workers can be trained on computer programs, participate in telemarketing seminars, sales, and marketing for all sizes businesses. They rent rooms for meetings and special classes for these various reasons.

Are Co-Working Offices Safe To Work In?

Most are safe. and they have security cameras and sometimes security guards. Often you need a special card to get into them after hours. Private offices have a lock to add privacy and protection. United Educators has a five-year study that claimed that those accused of sexual misconduct said the educational institutions did not follow the disciplinary procedure that they had in place for sexual misconduct. Having security guards and cameras at the offices makes these offices safer for workers.

Many locations have alarm systems and lockers to store belongings. Since COVID19, many have added hand sanitizer stations and social distancing. Regular cleaning of these offices and sanitizing has been added to many offices. Many offices require face masks of workers that use the space. Many use disposable drinking cups, utensils, and dishware.

This type of office space use is on the rise and they estimate that by 2022 over 6,600 co-working offices will be used by workers. This is the time to consider the benefits of space rental.

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