How to Set Up Your Backyard For an Outdoor BBQ

The month of May means many things. For kids, it means the end of the school year; for adults, it means a long Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is the official kick-off to the barbeque season. You are going to want to make sure your home and backyard are in good order for entertaining friends and family. This article is going to be an aid to help you jump-start your summer barbecuing fun!

Getting Your Yard in Shape

Before you plan an outdoor event, you need to ensure your yard is up to code. Weeds standing higher than 12 inches above the lawn are a common code violation from the city. To ensure you do not add to this statistic, ensure to mow and weed your lawn. In addition, since barbecuing involves fire, you want to ensure all fire hazards are cleared away.

Adding Outdoor Lighting, Furniture, and Decor

It can be a lot of fun to get your patio or backyard barbeque-ready. There is certain furniture and lighting that are must-haves for a backyard celebration. The most important item is appropriate seating. The seating is what sets the tone for every get-together. You can choose styles that range from casual to classical. These can be picnic tables, patio loveseats with ottomans, and even outdoor beds. The fabric or elements do not have to coordinate with each other either. This is what makes outdoor furnishings so fun and spontaneous.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: using LED light bulbs is less costly than conventional ones. An LED light bulb costs 25% less than a conventional bulb to use, making them last 40 times as long. In addition, LED bulbs use around one-sixth the power of a standard light bulb.

Since LED lights burn longer and less hot, it would seem logical to use these lights for your backyard events. You can also find LED lights that are water-resistant. Just so long as there isn’t any salt, these lights can completely emerge in water. This is good to know, particularly if you have a pool or pond in your backyard setting.

Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen

When the thermostat starts to rise, cooking indoors can become miserable. The combination of oven, stove, and temperature can quickly become overbearing. An outside kitchen can be a fun and useful way to make meals as well as build memories.

When setting up an outdoor kitchen, the way you entertain and cook should complement this area. How you are going to utilize this outdoor kitchen is a major part of the planning process. There are a few questions to ask yourself before spending a lot of time and money on an outdoor kitchen: Is barbecuing something you do a lot of? Is your indoor kitchen the primary location for doing cooking prep?

However, if you truly want a full-functioning outdoor kitchen, then you will need all of the amenities. You will need an area outside that is large enough to prep food, a sink, and a refrigerator. All of these items should be near the area you plan to eat and entertain guests in.

Keeping Guests Informed

When a customer is looking for a local business, 35% of them find it when passing its sign. When planning your backyard barbeque, the same holds true. The guests you invite to your outdoor event will be looking for signs pointing them in the right direction as to where they should park and enter your backyard for the event.

Planning an outdoor barbeque is a fun venture. By following these simple tips, you will be able to build many cherished memories with your friends and family this summer.

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