What Is the Best Way to Heat an Outdoor Kitchen Space

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the outdoor kitchen is its competent external counterpart. 

Eating outside in the open is a desire that everyone wants to indulge in, especially when the sun comes out. 

However, the heating aspect of an outdoor kitchen is somewhat neglected. Here comes the need for an outdoor heating solution like the bromic heater

Before analyzing the best way to heat an outdoor kitchen space, you should clearly understand what an outdoor kitchen is.

What Is an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is essentially what it sounds like. It is a statement piece that can take outdoor living to the next more elegant and luxurious level. You can get a glimpse of awe-inspiring outdoor cooking areas with just a quick Google search. 

Irrespective of the outdoor kitchen type you are interested in, whether simple or extravagant, there’s one element that remains static in your decision-making process – you are investing in entertaining your guests and having a gala time amidst nature.

An outdoor kitchen provides an entertainment destination right within your home where you and your guests can fully have a wonderful time together. 

And to take advantage of what it has to offer, outdoor heating is an indispensable part of your arrangement. 

Best Way to Heat an Outdoor Kitchen Space

Outdoor heating is an increasingly popular method to make the most of outdoor spaces. 

It permits an enhanced use of outdoor living spaces across the seasons without physically enlarging the house. Selecting the most effective and suitable heater for your home is vital. 

So, you must be thorough in your research and ask for help and talk with experts whenever the necessity arises.

Before you make up your mind, there are some crucial questions that you need to ask yourself: 

  • Do you need a gas or electric heater? 
  • Is your outdoor area undercover or open?
  • What size is the space that you want to heat up?
  • How many people (average) will the outdoor heater need to keep warm? 
  • Do you need your heater to be fixed or a portable one?
  • Do you want to create an atmosphere or keep warm?

There are many options available in the market today. So make sure that you know the specific requirements and limitations of the place you want to heat.

Based on your outdoor kitchen idea, you can choose a suitable outdoor heater from the following types: 

a) Portable Gas Heaters – If you are renting or your apartment has limited space, portable gas heaters are the ideal solution for you. They emit radiant heat that feels almost like the sun. This is a much more effective heating option as it warms the objects instead of the surrounding air. 

The portable heaters come with tilt switches that stop the gas supply if the unit is knocked over accidentally. They also feature protection against the high winds, a kill-switch which makes them a safer option when compared with the traditional heaters. With properly filled 9 to 15 kg gas cylinders, these heaters can operate between 10 to 17 hours smoothly. 

b) Gas Radiant Heaters –With similar radiant heat performance electric heaters, the gas heaters offer a comfortable and warm area per heater of up to 20 square meters based on the size of the area and the model. 

These can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall and come with deflector shields for making smaller clearances and guiding the radiant heat downwards. Larger hitting range and high wind resistance make it an ideal option for large areas.

c) Electric Radiant Heaters –Products like the bromic heater use a radiant heating element to produce sun-like warmth in areas that are up to 10 square meters every heater based on the size of the area and the modelThe outdoor electric heaters can also be energy-efficient while providing optimal heating and comfort levels for the enclosed outdoor spaces like a gazebo or protected patio.  

Various mounting options allow easy installation in outdoor kitchens of all sizes and shapes. These come with options to recess the heater to blend seamlessly into the environment and be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the wall according to convenience.

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