The Best Backyard Wedding To-Do List

Having a wedding at home in your backyard is a great option for tons of people. For one, there is a certain level of comfort and charm to doing things in your backyard and at your home rather than finding a wedding venue. This is also a much cheaper option most of the time, as you don’t have to rent out space like you would if you were having a wedding somewhere else.

Still, having a backyard wedding involves a lot of moving pieces. Because of this, there is a helpful to-do list to follow before a home wedding.

Find Great Catering

A wedding isn’t a potluck where everyone brings something, and it’s probably too much to expect one or two family members to do all of the cooking for your wedding. So, even though there won’t be food provided by the venue, you’re still going to need to find a way to feed everyone. That’s where a good caterer comes into play. Find an option that represents what you love and the atmosphere of the evening you want, like a casual BBQ or more formal plated dishes.

Prepare For Bad Weather

The weather can throw any wedding for a loop, but particularly a backyard wedding. You may be one of the 63% of brides who feel pressure to have a perfect wedding, but you can’t control a heatwave or a rainstorm from coming through! What you can do is be prepared for the bad weather when it comes. This starts with providing a shelter of some kind. Your house probably can’t hold everyone, so a large tent is your best bet. Finding one that can be air-conditioned from a tent rental company is even better! From there, you need to consider a way to keep mud away and make sure everyone stays hydrated. This way, it won’t become an issue mid-wedding.

Where Will Everyone Park?

There are several things you need to consider in terms of safely throwing an event like a wedding at your home. These break down into three function categories, including support, control, and finish. This means you need to be able to support all the people there, control them, and end the event in a timely manner. One of those questions left to answer is: where will everyone park? Street parking and your driveway will only go so far, so it’s best to have a plan of action.

Ask your neighbors ahead of time if parking in your neighborhood is okay. If this isn’t an option, have guests go to a meeting place. From there, you can arrange for a rented bus to pick everyone up and bring them to your home for the wedding.

Get Ready to Have Everyone’s Eyes on You

The wedding diet is a real thing, as everyone tries to look their best for the big day, but it rarely stops there. Your hair, makeup, dress, suit, and everything need to be perfect to look the way you always dreamed they would. Because of this, you may want to consider something like Invisalign to straighten teeth, which of teens surveyed, 47% say it boosted their self-esteem. So, consider every option to be as confident as possible on your big day.

Consider Your Neighbors

Your neighbors aren’t going to be used to the amount of people or noise going on, which means that it’s important to be considerate of them and to make sure you’re not stepping on their toes. Maybe you do this by keeping the volume down or warning them beforehand. Just remember, you still have to live next to them after the wedding. Without being considerate, it can easily put a strain on your relationship with them.

Ensure Your Home Is Ready to Host a Group of People

You may not plan to have people in and out of your house on your special day, but it may happen depending on the weather, the size of your party, and the ages of your guests. If it’s a hot day, older guests may need to sit in your air-conditioned home for periods at a time. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure your home is ready. While a building envelope’s main three function categories are support, control, and finish, it basically keeps your home cool when it’s supposed to in the summertime. So, get your house checked out before the big day.

By following this handy list of tips, your home wedding can be everything you dreamed. However, the most important thing that you always need to remember to have a great backyard wedding is to relax and enjoy the moment.

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