3D Button Christmas Tree Craft

The weather has turned snowy and cold. We may have a white Christmas this year if the 8 inches that fell this weekend are any indication. We bunkered down and road out the snow storm doing fun little crafts and playing with our new lightbox for photos.

The kids loved decorating their own 3D Button Tree Craft project.

3D button tree craft

3D Button Tree Craft

This one is a fun simple craft you can do with your kids. Each of the 4 sides can be decorated differently. You can venture out to any craft supplies you have running around so you are not limited to buttons. The sky is the limit for this one. We ended up creating one for each child. Some got a little messy but they had fun and that is what matters.

What you need:

What to do:

Start by cutting 4 long triangles out of construction paper. Fold all 4 in half together. Cut triangles out of the open edge.

3D button tree craft

Pull tree pieces apart leaving folded. Glue the outside of each tree piece to another until you create a single piece with a + showing from the underside.

Now your tree is ready you can have fun decorating.

This is a great project for kids to enjoy. If you would like to keep it more than one year you can take one side instead of gluing then carefully remove or cut the tape and fold for storage. To save money on future projects remove buttons and any other reusable things you have added to your tree before getting rid of this project. Sadly I know we can not keep them all. Scraps from this project can be used for other Christmas crafts or saved for a fun St. Patricks Day Craft.

3D button tree craft


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