4 Simple Patio Makeover Ideas

We’ve seen an influx in the general public’s amount of time in their gardens and outside areas over the past few years. Whether you spend your time in your garden by reading a book, gardening, sunbathing, or having a glass of wine with friends, we’re sure that the increased amount of time spent in your outside space has opened your eyes up to a few improvements that you could make.

Maybe your patio tiling or footpath has seen better days and could do with replacing? Or perhaps your wooden fence or paneling could do with a fresh coat of oil stain or a power wash? It may be that the edges of your flower beds or garden slabs are overgrown with weeds and moss and could do with a general tidy up?

Whatever unsightly issues you may have picked up, we’ve compiled a list of simple patio makeover suggestions for a beautiful garden so that you can focus on relaxing and hosting friends and family in your fresh, new environment.

Add Chic Coverings 

Suppose you have garden amenities such as an outside dining area, a hot tub or jacuzzi, or a bar; you could consider adding more style to your outdoor space by installing coverings. One cost-effective and straightforward way of doing this is by purchasing parasols, gazebos, and canopies from your local garden center, which are available in an array of styles so that you can maintain the theme of your garden and for several different budgets.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest a little more money on more hard-wearing and permanent garden furnishings, you could consider purchasing patio awnings or verandas. Browse a range of awnings, fit for all purposes, on the Nationwide Home Innovations website, which offers products that can help keep unpleasant weather, such as rain and frost, away yet retaining ‘al fresco’ elements. 

Upgrade Your Tiles Or Footpath

One of the most uncomplicated suggestions we have for giving your garden a makeover is by upgrading your old, discolored tiles for shiny new ones. Replace tired-looking or damaged tiles to refresh your outdoor space instantly; you could even opt for a different design in the process and choose something less –conventional like mosaic tiles or patterned, colorful ones.

Or, if your patio tiles are in good condition but suffering from some general wear and tear, you could consider just giving them a good clean, paying extra attention to in-between the cracks, where weeds and moss can gather, and using a sponge to scrub the front of them.

Bonus expert tip from Platinum, a Pavers and Pressure Washing Sanford FL Company: “Power washing can rejuvenate your patio tiles, but caution is key. Always test a small area first and choose the right pressure setting for your tile type. For a thorough clean, consider pre-treating with a chemical cleaner and finish by sealing the tiles to make future cleaning easier.”

If you don’t fancy getting dirty yourself, you could look at enlisting the help of a gardener, who should be able to power wash them for you. It will be important to ensure you only change the tiles on your lad, and you follow the public right of way laws regarding your land and neighbors.

Once you’re satisfied with your tiles, you could add decorative yet functional elements such as a footpath. Make sure you choose attractive materials such as stepping stones to give your garden Alice in Wonderland-esque themes.

Choose Mood Lighting 

Another one of our simple patio makeover ideas is choosing mood lighting to illuminate dark areas and allow you to entertain guests and family members throughout the night. Elect for fun, decorative lighting elements such as hanging lanterns, wall-mounted lights, or fairy lights so that you can add style to your outdoor space as well as brightness.

For a modern twist and a little more expense, you could consider installing a fire pit, the flames of which will create a cosy atmosphere for you and your guests. Suppose you want to keep costs down and remain eco-conscious. In that case, you could consider adding various solar-powered lights which are reliable and will charge even on not particularly sunny days.

Or you could purchase candles, which are reasonably cheap and can be bought in large quantities, and display them in jam jars for a more Bohemian feel. If you need some more inspiration before making any decisions, you could try taking a look at garden lighting ideas on the internet or in garden furnishing magazines.

Matching Patio Furniture 

Suppose that you’ve just moved house or that your current patio furniture looks a little outdated or discolored? A straightforward way to refresh your patio/garden is by upgrading your existing patio furniture with fresh, new furnishings.

Choose a matching patio set that reflects your personality and the theme of your garden; for instance, you could decide on a neutral-colored, plush furniture set which you can accessorize with colorful throw cushions and blankets. On the other hand, you could elect for a wicker-based patio set with a loud, bright print and accessorize it with neutral accessories and accompanying furnishings.

Once you are satisfied with your purchases, ensure that you purchase the relevant, waterproof coverings to ensure that your brand new patio furniture doesn’t get destroyed by the elements and remains well-kept!

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