4 Advantages of Using a Water Based Concrete Stain

There are many advantages that a water based concrete stain holds over the acid-based stain, the powdered acetone dye, and the liquid acetone dye. The choice does come down to the kind of surface you have to work with. However, many people do prefer water-based concrete stains because of the following reasons: 

Color Versatility 

Using an acid-based concrete stain will limit your choice of colors as there isn’t an abundance of shades available. Furthermore, the available colors are primarily in earth tones such as brown. However, this may suit more traditional tastes. This is not a problem with water-based concrete stains, as they come in several different colors and shades, including brighter ones. The versatile range includes reds, greens, blues, browns, and a lot more. 


A water-based concrete stain gives the user a lot of control over the final result of the surface. You can easily change the depth and concentrate of the color. If you have used too much, or have found that the color is more concentrated in a particular area, there is an easy solution. Just add some water to dilute the color as much as needed. The same principles apply if you have used too little and want to get a deeper tone, add more stain. 

Safe and  ECO-Friendly 

Water-based products are generally safer than more toxic or acidic products. They are more gentle on your skin, making them a lot safer to use. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds can be found in a vast amount of liquids and sprays, which are used daily. Paints, cleaning products and air fresheners, to name a few. These VOCs have high vapor pressure when exposed to room temperature. As a result, they can be harmful. Water-based concrete stains would usually have none of these harmful VOCs. For this reason, someone looking to take on the job of staining their floor could do so easily. This would take away any additional costs of hiring a professional. 

Preparation and Clean-up 

Water-based products are safe to use due to harmless and forgiving content. The process of preparing the surface and cleaning up when done then becomes a breeze. When preparing the surface, you can hose down the area and make sure it is dry before putting down the stain. With acid-based stain, you need to ensure the surface is immaculate and free from oil, grease, and dirt before you start. Cleaning up will take no time at all, with a water-based concrete stain. As there are no harmful components to the mixture, it won’t be a difficult task. You can save time and effort when choosing these products. 

Bonus tip! 

Why not mix more than one color? This is another advantage of using a water-based product. You can freely mix whatever colors you want, to get your desired effect.

There are several advantages and benefits of using a variety of different stains. It will depend on your requirements and preferences. Whatever you choose, be sure to check out how to prepare the surface. 


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