4 Benefits Of A Natural Stone Aesthetic In Your Home

Home aesthetics aren’t solely about decoration. The bones of a property contribute enormously to a property’s look and feel, too. 

Of course, materials are about more than appearances too. Practical elements must also be considered, from how long each lasts to what active roles they can play to make a homeowner’s life easier. They have dynamic offerings, and that’s to be appreciated wherever possible.   

When it comes to building materials, real stone isn’t to be scoffed at. Brick and wood are often thought to be the ‘safe bets’, but it’s stone that arguably outshines both. There are many reasons for this being the case, and we explore each one of them after the jump. 

Natural Stone is More Durable

Natural stone is sturdy stuff. It’s often impervious to the many drawbacks of housebuilding materials.

For example, while there’s plenty of help available to homeowners when their abodes burn down, it’s obviously preferable that these situations never occur in the first place. Should a fire break out in your home, natural stone will mitigate its spread, not being highly flammable like wood. Things like rot from floods also don’t occur. 

The oldest buildings in the country are also made of stone, proving that it truly lasts the test of time too. It’s also harder to damage through accidents, whereas other walls and floors can easily be chipped, marked, or even punctured. A sturdier home can reduce many of a homeowner’s common worries. 

A durable home can provide a greater perspective too. After all, many people are experiencing property problems today, with issues like cladding or storm damages more frequently occurring. Having a home reinforced with stone can help you better appreciate your position. 

Simple Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining a home can be a taxing and costly ordeal. If you’re going for a stone aesthetic in your property, these concerns can be dulled to a degree. 

Natural stone lasts a long time but needs to be washed occasionally. Still, the process of looking after it shouldn’t be overwhelming to manage. You can also be confident that your good work will boost the stone’s longevity and help you maintain a slice of history if it’s a period feature already. There’s more meaning behind what you’re doing, rather than making things solely look nice.  

Maintenance can be even less of a hassle if you purchase the correct tiles too. For example, the Minoli tiles from Hyperion give the effect of true stone but don’t require the level of care and maintenance its natural counterparts do. There are many styles and effects to choose from, with tumbled and rectified edging variations creating a more authentic aesthetic. Everything is reasonably priced here too.  

Stone look Minoli tiles are also easily installed and cut, and they’re also slip-resistant. There’s an ease of efficiency here across the board, so these potential additions to your property are undoubtedly worth exploring further. 

Greater Appreciation

The longer parts of your home last, the greater the appreciation that can be felt for them. Instead of cycling through disposable materials every couple of years, you may feel a stronger sense of history and individuality in your property. 

Even if you have lived in a home for many years, it’s arguably not the same property anymore over the years of repairs, maintenance, and changes. While it can be good to evolve the presentation of your home, having an unchanged, core framework in stone can give you a stronger resonance with the ‘roots’ of your home. 

Stone has practical uses, too, besides less maintenance hassle. You can enjoy the thermal benefits that stone walls and floors provide, thereby lowering your energy savings too. Some building materials aren’t highly appreciated or sometimes flat-out ignored as people go about their daily lives. This isn’t true with stone, which always plays an active role in keeping homeowners happy and comfortable. 

Adds Value

All factors mentioned so far add value to a property. Charming aesthetics, simple maintenance measures, and reduced costs bring people to the table should you ever wish to sell up and move house. 

Additionally, while many people look for many ways to add value to their home, one of the most cost-effective ways of doing so is leaving period features as they are. Stone often plays an important role in these circumstances, used in constructing homes numerous eras ago. Therefore, its mere presence can add value and be a highly appealing selling point that’s easily talked about. Entire narratives can be created from its inclusion. 

Stone walls also speak for themselves. Subsequently, you don’t need to crowd these spaces with artwork or other distracting items. It’s less work for more promising results. 

Adding value to a property can be challenging, and stonework doesn’t remove the need to tend to other aspects of it. Still, it can be reassuring to make changes to your home knowing that you already have an ace in the hole. Confidence counts for a lot in these situations, and the inclusion of stone can provide you with a healthy surplus of it.

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