Six Things That Raise Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking for ways to raise your home’s value, it’s important to know the most affordable ones that will have the biggest impact. Read on to see six of these things and start making your home more valuable, whether you want to sell it or if you simply want to live in a better-looking and more comfortable home.

Well-Maintained Appliances

With the cost of maintaining and repairing air conditioning units being between $50 and $100 an hour on average throughout the nation, it’s important to set aside the budget to have them maintained. It’s not common for a site visit to cost less than $100 in labor and parts, but this should not deter you from having your unit maintained regularly. Take the time to make sure that all other appliances are in a good state as well. Where possible, update the appliance to its modern version which will be more cost-effective and valuable in your home.

Updated Finishes

A simple coat of paint can go a long way, so if you’re looking for a fast way to raise your home’s value, this is it. You can look into paint and tiles and trims, which won’t cost you a lot but will have an amazing effect on how your home looks. This is because they will make it appear more recent and chic, qualities that will have people seeing your house in a new and more expensive light!

Good Landscaping

Outside of the home, landscaping makes a big difference. If it has been a while since you tended to your landscape, set aside to do so. Trim the shrubs and bushes and give your yard a fresh, new look. If you don’t have the time or ability to do this, call an expert to give you a hand. This will be well worth it because maintained trees and shrubs can increase the value of a property by up to 14%, a good return considering how cost-effective it generally is. You could go a step further and introduce a water feature or other item to add personality to your yard, and you will be glad you did so.

Modernised Bath and Kitchen

Given the amount of time spent in these two spaces in the home, it’s easy to see how having them in a good state can help increase your home’s value. Most people looking for a home to buy will pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If you can afford to, you may consider enlarging them if they’re a bit too small for the home. Alternatively, you could simply give them a fresh coat of paint and finishes such as the countertops and wall tiles. Doing this will help your home look well-kept and therefore more expensive.

A Functional Garage Door

The garage door of your home can also help you increase its value. This is because, according to Remodeling Magazine, replacing it gives you a return on your investment of 93.8%. This is an amazing return, so if you want to find something that will make a lasting impression, go for an upgrade of your garage door. When it looks good and works well, there’s no doubt as to the increased curb appeal that it gives your house. Find a professional to fit your garage door well so you can get the most out of it.

More Livable Space

Finally, the more livable space your home has, the higher its value will be. This means that more square footage can be used by people and your home will be a lot more attractive. To this end, work on any pending projects, from the garage to the basement and unused bedrooms. Make sure that they’re in the best possible state and you will get good returns for your effort.

Try making the changes suggested above and you will enjoy having a more valuable home that will sell a lot faster if you put it on the market.

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