4 Interiror Design Trends to Know in 2023

If you want to get your home in good shape, you should be aware of different design trends. This knowledge will show you how many options you have when it comes to redesigning your home and improving it. If you’d like to know more, have a look at these four interior design trends to know in 2023.

1. Colorful Marble

Marbles are on trend right now, and the color and design of marbles are turning up in many different areas and items. From upholstery fabric to curtains and even tile, you can find a marbled design for anything if you look hard enough. In 2021, the online art industry market size in the United States went up by around 6.6%. You can be sure that there are pieces on sale that could complement a marbled theme in your home if you choose to go with it. To make sure that you don’t overdo it, however, practice moderation and know that less is more. Use plain colors and add something marbled as a highlight rather than making it the common theme throughout. This way, you’re likely to enjoy having it around for a longer time before it wears you out.

2. Accent Kitchen Backsplash

As far as the kitchen goes, you shouldn’t forget about it since there are many attractive interior design trends that you can put to use in this space. If you’ve had the same backsplash for a long time, you should think about changing it. It’s currently trendy to add striking kitchen backsplash tiles to your kitchen. This can make the area with the backsplash pop and have it serve as a highlight in your kitchen. That said, you should make sure to pick colors and textures that will complement the rest of your home and that will flow naturally with the rest of the decor.

3. Colorful Tiles

When shopping for tiles, whether they’re for the floor or for the walls, you may consider getting colorful tiles. As opposed to calm and neutral tiles, colorful tiles can add a playful feel to the space in which you put them. That said, keep in mind that they may work best for your kids’ bedroom and bathroom. In these spaces, you will enjoy the burst of color that you get with colorful tiles. There’s always the benefit of tiles having a long lifespan without fading, unlike a simple coat of paint which may look great for a while when it’s fresh but then loses its luster, fading to a lifeless shade.

4. Combining Decor From Different Price Points

The fourth interior design trend is mixing decor that’s from different price points. Thrifted pieces will have an attraction while brand new pieces from high-end stores will also have their good qualities. Look for a balance and get something from each price point, making sure that everything fits well with each other. This may make it more affordable for you to get enough decor that leaves your house looking high-end and well-designed. According to a survey, an individual spends two to four hours cleaning their house every single week. If you want to get the best outcome for decorating your house, you should start on a clean slate by cleaning the house thoroughly. This way, you’ll have an easier time knowing where to place different items when you get them.

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