4 Personal Improvements You Can Invest in Before 2024

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Are you one of the many Americans concerned about your health? If so, it’s time to make a change. As 2024 approaches, there are many things you can do to make the changes you need to succeed. From managing your weight to improving your dental health, here are some suggestions to make 2024 a year of improvement.

1. Weight Management

One of the biggest aspects of anyone’s health is having a healthy and manageable weight. Your BMI refers to your body mass index, which alerts you to whether or not you’re overweight for your height and age. For women, the ideal body weight is 100 pounds for the first 5 feet and 5 pounds per every inch after that. If you’re still not 100% sure about whether you’re at a healthy weight, your doctor will let you know during your regular check-up. Plus, you can go to your local gym and invest in hiring a personal trainer. Even if you’re new to working out, a personal trainer can start you on the right program that you can adjust to over time.

2. Healthier Eating

When it comes to eating healthy, many Americans still think a diet is the answer. To this day, as many as 45 million Americans diet annually. While a diet can be a good short-term solution to quickly shedding pounds, it’s not sustainable if you don’t have manageable eating habits. For example, the grapefruit diet or lemonade diet can help you shed pounds, but it’s not realistic to only survive off of lemonade and grapefruit for the rest of your life. The ideal way to manage your health is by having sustainable eating habits, such as a balanced amount of fruit and vegetables daily. If you eat meat, try to focus on lean meats and be aware of the portion sizes. You should also be mindful of the way your food is cooked. In other words, there’s a big difference between having fried meat versus broiled or baked meat.

3. Dental Health

Did you know that your teeth play a big role in your overall health? Having a beautiful smile can help your overall confidence, which can improve your emotional and mental well-being. But what about tooth alignment? If you’re dealing with severe overbites and major gaps, it may affect the way you eat food. It can also affect your sleep, as a major over, cross, or underbite can make it impossible for you to completely shut your mouth at night. An open mouth during sleep can result in a dry mouth, which later leads to sleep apnea. You can solve these alignment issues by seeking orthodontic care, such as with Invisalign. According to Invisalign reports, such treatment can be completed in as little as six months.

4. Stress Management

Do you find yourself under constant stress? If stress results from a job, it may be time to change employers or maybe even switch careers. You can also utilize stress management practices such as yoga and meditation, which have been proven to help with relaxation and sleep. Something as simple as painting a room in calming colors like purple or light blue can also provide soothing effects at home. If you’re around certain friends or family members who are stressing you out, it may be time to set boundaries and let them know about the anxiety they’re causing you. If they don’t listen to your concerns, you may need to take a break from being around them.

Your health is your responsibility to maintain. So, if you’re experiencing stress, poor weight management, dental problems, or other medical issues, you should take them seriously and handle them as 2024 approaches. By following the above steps and others, 2024 can be the year you make great changes in your life.

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