4 Savvy Ways to Get Your Kids’ Bathroom Routine Back on Track

To raise your kids right, you need to make sure that all is well at home so that they’re ready to learn how to face the outside world. One of the things that could have a major impact on their overall well-being is having a functional bathroom routine. Here are four ways in which you can help your kids get their bathroom routine back on track with minimal hassle and a good chance of succeeding.

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1. Make Sure the Bathroom Is Accommodating

To begin with, it’s a good idea to make sure that the bathroom is accommodating so that your child has an easy or even fun time using it. The same case applies to the environment in which you place their potty if you’re actively potty-training them. Keep in mind that bathroom remodels are the second most popular home remodeling project in America. A good number of people understand the benefits of making their bathroom more functional and appealing, and so should you! With this in mind, you should paint the bathroom a fun color, light it up install easy-to-reach light switches, and do whatever else you can to make sure that your child feels comfortable.

2. Remind Them Regularly

Small children are quite forgetful, and that’s most often because they can be taken in by exploring the world around them. For this reason, it’s best that you remind them to use the bathroom regularly. This is the case even if they don’t think they need to go, since frequent reminders may help them get used to the idea that they need to use the bathroom multiple times a day. Keep in mind that children ought to be able to brush their teeth on their own by the time they’re eight years of age. While this and similar milestones may apply to a majority of children, be patient with your child, and if the issue persists, make use of the next tip.

3. Get to the Root of the Matter

Regression can sometimes happen because of external factors. This means that an upset with their regular schedule, no matter how brief, can negatively impact their routines and cause issues. Some reasons why a child may regress include a new sibling, a new pet, joining school, or moving to a new home. All these can disrupt the world that your child has grown familiar with and disrupt their bathroom routine.

Even a renovation to the home may cause trouble, and this is quite true for major bathroom remodels even if they’re necessitated by function. For instance, 15% of homes in America have a water leak, and that makes plumbing repair a significant market. In such a case, it’s best to get any necessary remodels done so that your home stays sustainable and you don’t have massive water bills each month.

4. Support Them With Positive Reinforcement

Finally, you need to support your child with positive reinforcement instead of punishing your child. This may make it easier for them to remember to go to the bathroom as they won’t associate it with negative input in the form of punishment. As a result, they’re likely to have fun with it and feel a sense of accomplishment that’s going to drive them to want to keep doing their best.

These are four methods that you can use to try and help your child get back to their normal bathroom routine. Remember that regression is normal and grant your child the grace to work through it. Go along with their pace so it’s likely to be beneficial for both of you.

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