4 Ways Gloves Can Be Used At Home

If you’re someone who thinks that wearing gloves is only a hassle, think again. Wearing gloves must be an essential part of anyone’s home cleaning routine. Gloves come in different shapes and colors. They are also made of different materials and each is designed for a particular purpose.

Although it may take some time before you can get used to the habit of wearing gloves but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize how beneficial it can be for you. If you are still new to glove-wearing habit and are not sure which glove best suits the type of chores that you’re exposed to on a daily basis, go to upgloves.com. Reading product reviews of gloves will help you determine which one you should buy. Of course, gloves are not just for dishwashing, there are also other ways that gloves can be used at home and these are the following:

Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning

Wearing gloves serve as your first defense against different types of bacteria lurking in the toilet and bathroom. These are the areas in the house that’s teeming with bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. It is also in the toilet and bathroom where some of the most germ-ridden items can be found. If you clean these areas at home with your bare hands, you are surely setting yourself up for infection caused by these disease-causing pathogens. Besides, cleaning these areas at home require the use of cleaning products that contain strong chemicals. In fact, some cleaning solutions have hydrochloric acid which can be harmful to the skin. 

First Aid and Personal Care

When someone at home becomes injured, you have to wear gloves before applying first-aid to that person to protect yourself against harmful bodily fluids. If you need to inject a loved one who’s diabetic, wearing gloves can help ensure that the needle is free from pathogens. You can also pour hot water inside these gloves in the absence of hot packs as first aid to someone who’s got bruises from an injury. Gloves can also be used for protection from injuries when you need to do gardening, carpentry or other repair tasks at home. 

Food Preparation

When it comes to food preparation it is always highly recommended to use disposable gloves. Look for one that has antimicrobial agent especially that you’ll be handling raw meat and other kitchen stuff that’ll make you prone to pathogen exposure. It is also good to use gloves that are powder-free. This way, you won’t have to worry about powder residue being left on the food or other kitchen wares while you’re preparing them. Choose the one that’s also thick and durable enough. Gloves that are at least 2 millimeters thick are ideal for food preparation tasks. 


This is perhaps one of the most common uses of gloves at home. A lot of people use this especially women because it keeps their nails in better shape, prevents their hands from drying while also keeping their manicures intact for a longer period. However, not many people are also aware that the use of gloves when dishwashing greatly spares them from the risk of “dishpan hands” which is some kind of hand eczema caused by constant wetting and drying. This leads the skin to break its protective outer barriers. The chemicals in soaps can worsen its symptoms. Besides, washing your dishes with hot water would become easier to do now that you have your gloves to protect your hands. When you’re wearing gloves, you can even wash your kitchen wares with water that’s hotter than what you’re used to ensure they’re cleaner and germ-free.

Cleaning your home on a regular basis is one great way to keep it clean and hygienic. But, keep in mind that for every house chore you do, there’s always the right type of gloves that you can wear. You don’t just need a clean home, you also need to be safe and healthy and that’s what gloves are made for. 

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