Tips For Better Sleep While Pregnant

I have hit the point in my pregnancy where I have to pull out all of the stops to get a good night sleep. Rolling over in bed feels like an Olympic sport. The good thing is that being a mom of many I have enough experience with the sleeping while pregnant thing to figure all of this out. Here are my favorite tips for better sleep while pregnant.

tips for better sleep while pregnant

Tips for better sleep while pregnant

Make your bed soft. You can do this by adding a mattress topper to your mattress. Another great option is to layer comforters on your bed to give you plenty of padding. As a mom pregnant in the summer this works great for me this time because it doubles as blanket storage. This helps make the surface gentle on the hips that can get sore when you can only sleep on your sides.

Stock up on the pillows. When it comes to being comfortable you can’t have too many pillows. there are several ways you can use everyday pillows to help you sleep better while pregnant. Pillows can be used to prop you up into a sitting position when laying on your sides becomes too much. A pillow is great for placing between your hips, behind your back, and under your belly for support.

Try a pregnancy pillow. These large body pillows designed for pregnancy are created to hug your body from all angles. This allows your body to have support on all angles so you can get a good nights sleep even when your body feels far too large and uncomfortable towards the end of your pregnancy.

Adjust the temperature of your room to help you sleep better. Being pregnant is often like walking around with your own personal heater. To help you sleep better lower the temperature of your room. This will help keep you from waking up overheated. Switch to lighter bedding to help keep cool. In the summer a top sheet makes the perfect pregnancy blanket.

Try a weighted blanket if you find yourself suffering from restless leg syndrome. RLS is extremely common in pregnancy as your body is going through so many changes and your baby is moving and resting on nerves that control your legs. A weighted blanket can help calm restless legs so you can sleep better. This condition usually clears up shortly after you give birth.

Leave time after eating before you go to bed. Often pregnant women suffer from heartburn. This can be aggravated by eating before you go to bed. give your body time to digest which can take longer than normal before you go to sleep for the night. If you are too hungry to sleep without eating choose foods that are easy to digest that will be less likely to give you heartburn. Fruits and vegetables are a great option for this. Keep crackers near your bed is a great way to soak up excess acid if you get hungry


Drink teas and try foods that help you sleep. Chamomile tea is a great option for helping you to fall asleep. The herbs in moon milk are in a small enough dose to be considered culinary and safe for your baby while providing a little help falling asleep at night. Cherries contain natural melatonin that is safe for your baby.

Be active during the day. Plenty of exercises can help your body prepare for labor and help you sleep better at night. Keeping active is a great way to help your body overall. If you haven’t been active all along try adding an evening walk to your daily routine to help you sleep better while pregnant.

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