5 Eye-Catching Plants That Could Attract Your Visitors

Plants play an extensive role in keeping our house beautiful and tidy inside and out. They ensure our home looks more elegant with a healthy environment. That is why people nowadays choose to collect more plants preferably than the things inside the house; less furniture, less hassle, and more plants are more beautiful.

If you want to expand your indoor and outdoor plant collection, there are varieties of them that are more eye-catching and would enhance the beauty of your home. When deciding which plant to place in a specific space, it is best to determine whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Select and Select

Many things need to be considered before growing houseplants indoors in your home, including where to place them. If you have toddlers in the house, ensure that your plants are out of their reach by placing them on high shelves or on a sturdy plant stand.

For extra safety, get to know the type of plant first before placing it indoors because we do not know if it is poisonous or not. Always keep in mind that prevention is always better than a cure. We can do research before being their plant parent.

This monstera flower is a beautiful plant to place as an indoor decoration because it is drought-tolerant and elegant to be inside. Yet this variety of plants is toxic to humans and pets. So, exercise extreme caution when deciding what plants to bring into your home.

  1. Petunias

This flowering plant is perfect for the entrance door to your home because petunias need direct sunlight. With its colorful flowers, your visitors will surely love entering your home.

You can also place them in the window and let the petunias trail down from hanging pots, or place them in a wood-style pot and line them up on your trail steps.

  1. Tradescantia Zebrina

This zebrina plant is one of the best options for hanging plants; you can place it as your wall decoration. If your wall is like a blank canvas, this zebrina is perfect in that place, especially if you put it in a crochet pot.

Tradescantia zebrina is a low-maintenance plant and one of the drought-tolerant plants you can add to your collection.

  1. Succulents

Succulent plants are known for their cactus names and are ideal for empty shelves and center tables; this will undoubtedly be an eye-catching indoor plant. Aside from their drought tolerance, succulents must be involved in your plant’s collection because it is not toxic to humans.

However, watch out for the ones that possess spikes because it is painful when they tinge. Some succulent plants produce flowers, so if you want to place them on the center table, choose one flower. Or you can place a cactus that has a rosette appearance to add elegance to your centerpiece.

  1. Lavender

It is best to place it outside because this lavender prefers direct sunlight; you can put it at the front door, on a trail, or hang it on the balcony.

People will look at your house as they look at a castle because of its beautiful color. Aside from the elegant color lavender brings, it has a calming scent that your visitors will love.

  1. Monstera Dubia

This Monstera dubia is a rare plant with gorgeous variegation, and you can include this in your indoor plant collection so that your visitors will fix their eyes on it. You don’t need to worry about this type of monstera because it is not toxic to humans but toxic to pets.

Place the monstera dubia in large pots or wood-type pots so that the beauty of this monstera is enhanced.

Being a plant parent requires knowledge of your collections to make them grow healthy and bloom in the right way. Plants give us reason to be more persistent in life. To appreciate the droughtiness that we may undergo and strive to live it. If you get to know more about your plants, you will value the true beauty they bring, not just into your home but also into your life.

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