5 Powerful Benefits That Any Surface Access Doors Brings To Your Structure  

If you don’t have to meet fire safety code requirements nor need to adhere to high-security access panel standards, then any surface access doors, also known as general-purpose access doors, are the ideal panel types to rely on. It brings a load of convenient features that can boost the functionality and overall value of your building.   

However, the challenge is that you have a wide range of options, and picking the best-fitting general-purpose panel addressing your needs and desires is crucial. In this blog post, you’ll discover its handy benefits when installed, along with the model samples that can specifically fulfill those perks to help you decide appropriately:  

1. Flexible to install anywhere  

Versatility is probably the best-selling feature of any surface access panel, as it’s compatible with installation anywhere inside or outside your establishment. It can also deliver whether you need to conceal your floor, wall, or ceiling. Most models under the general purpose doors have flexibility capacity, but these two are outstanding as they can address particular areas:  

  • Access Cover: The square-shaped access cover containing beveled edges and rounded corners are perfect for applying in wet areas, covering your messy plumbing clean-outs. Built with stainless steel, it’s an element that can ensure the lid’s long life and performance span.  
  • Insulated Access Doors: Some facility systems require panels’ fixed installation behind walls, ceilings, and floors to keep their functional conditions. You can trust the insulated access doors to do the job and meet your building’s demands when put in that situation. What’s more amusing with this model is that it allows easy cleaning and maintenance access simultaneously, enabling the specialist to perform necessary tasks effortlessly.  

2. Provides efficient and secure access  

Another practical benefit you’ll get for attaching any surface panel around your structure is the efficient and secure access it can guarantee. This benefit is one of the basic but essential functions of access doors. It should be easy to reach cleaning and maintenance specialists while keeping the facilities protected, discouraging unauthorized entries. Here are some general-purpose door products that grant this feature:  

  • Adjustable Magnetic Flexisnap Access Doors: This 20-gauge cold rolled steel and 24-gauge galvanneal steel model is ideal for hiding unsightly pipes and wires and grants you an easy entry point to these facilities that require frequent access. Each corner is polymer-constructed, containing perforated folding tabs and two security cables, safeguarding your facilities.  
  • Air and Watertight Access Doors: It’s any surface panel type tested for air infiltration and water penetration, providing an extremely tight airtight or watertight seal to the area that mainly requires it, including laboratories, clean rooms, operating rooms, and others.  
  • Heavy Duty Access Doors: This surface panel is the best companion for building areas that need powerful protection against environmental dangers and forced or unauthorized access. It also offers a large opening option, fitting unique installation requirements.  
  • Large Walk-Through Access Doors: The large general-purpose walk-through access doors are most appropriate for attachment requiring convenient entry points to manage duct work interiors and air handling units. Its heavy-duty construction, continuous hinge, and compression handle aim to supply little leakage in low to medium-pressure systems and plenums.  
  • Security Access Doors: Any surface security panels can protect your property investments. It showcases various tamper-proof medium to high-security access doors that you can choose from depending on the protection level a certain establishment space calls for.  
  • Valve Box Access Panel: It’s any surface panel type designed with a beveled door panel granting depths and pre-drilled features wherein you can neatly conceal your water pipes, gas pipes, and conduits. Oft-times, the access door also comes with a plexiglass window.  

3. Fire-resistant  

Even though meeting fire-safety codes isn’t your primary objective for installing general-purpose access panels, you can still empower your doors and make them fire-resistant with any surface fire-rated access doors.   

Fire-rated doors: The general-purpose fire-rated panels grant you many material, location, and hour-rating options. You can also opt to get insulated or un-insulated door products.  

  • Drywall Flange  
  • For Wall-Surface Mounted Installation  
  • Insulated – Exposed Flange  
  • Un-insulated – Exposed Flange  
  • Recessed for wall – 60 min  
  • Recessed for wall – 90 min  

4. Lightweight and budget-friendly  

One of the offered perks for installing any surface panels is their lightweight capability, enabling professionals, or even the owners, to install and remove the door unit independently. Moreover, most of these models are budget-friendly, which allows you to save additional labor costs and expenses. Here are some trusted cheap, and lightweight general-purpose access doors:  

Plastic Access Door: Most surface doors are steel and aluminum-built. Nonetheless, the plastic access panels are extraordinarily lightweight, high-impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers, providing no-frills installation and operation. More importantly, you can purchase plastic surface panels at a more affordable price than other general-purpose doors.  

Removable Panel Access Door: Any surface door with removable panels is lightweight to install and easy to detach and attach back. It offers an excellent collection of removable panels. You should pick the one that best matches the circumstances in your area:  

  • Adjustable Removable Flexisnap  
  • Gasketed Door  
  • Removable Door With Hidden Flange  

Surface Mounted Door: The surface-mounted general-purpose access panel is another fast and lightweight option you can easily attach as it sits directly to your walls. It requires no framing or cutting, saving you from further labor fees.  

5. Aesthetically-pleasing  

Apart from flexibility and functionality, any surface doors are also architecturally pleasing to install as they can blend seamlessly with your surroundings. Some door leafs even provide a paintable surface that enables users to match the color of the access panel to its environment, presenting a clean and professional look.  

  • Flush Door with Flange: This standard flush door gives you a seamless 1″ flange on non-rated vertical and horizontal surface installation.  
  • Gypsum panels: The general purpose fiber reinforced gypsum are perfect for interior applications that simultaneously demand concealed protection and stealth appearance.  
  • Hidden Flange Access Doors: If smooth blending against all non-rated facades is what you’re searching for in a panel, then any surface access doors hidden flange is the most sought-after in the market.  
  • Recessed Access Door: For apartments, hotels, office lobbies, and other commercial spaces that call for elegant and stunning aesthetics and proper concealment, professionals recommend recessed access panels.  

Boost your space’s function and value with any surface access doors  

Whether you’re looking for safety, security, functionality, durability, or aesthetics to improve the lasting value of your building, any surface access panel will always provide high-quality features you can trust. Refer to this article’s shared benefits and model samples to pick the right access door that will address your building’s standard requirements and specific desires accordingly. 

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