Harmony in the home: how to make your living space more tranquil

Your home should be a space where you feel able to relax and unwind, letting go of the stresses that daily life could bring. Although your possessions may help you to find that peace, you might want to also consider the décor found within your home.

Making some adjustments could help you to switch off from work, feel like your home is less hectic, and even get a better night’s sleep. Depending on your budget, small or large changes could be available to you.

Small art makes a big difference

Those who are on a fairly strict budget may not be able to completely revamp each room found in their home. If you fit into this category, you may want to consider some smaller changes that could be made.

One such example can be the use of quality canvas prints depicting relaxing scenes of nature, or even your loved ones, that could make a room feel much calmer and more pleasing to be in.

You might also be able to adjust the shape or size of these prints, depending on the options available when you buy, meaning you could use larger statement pieces within the living room and smaller, more subtle imagery in rooms such as the bathroom or hallway. 

Use color wisely

You might want to make changes throughout the home, rather than just in one room. When this is the case, it can be important to try and remain consistent throughout, so that your home doesn’t look like a mishmash of different design styles or prevent you from finding the relaxation you seek.

The colours you choose for the walls, and furnishings, could play quite a large part in this. Bright and bold colours may make you feel more awake which can be fun.

However, this might impact your ability to unwind or sleep, especially when used in the bedroom.

Opting for pastels and muted shades could actually work more in your favour, allowing you to still use the colours you love, but in tones that will match that tranquillity. Sticking to all pastels or neutral shades throughout your home could also help with consistency.

Instil greenery

Plants don’t need to just be reserved for outdoor spaces. They can also have a great benefit within the home. When choosing greenery, it can be important to opt for those that can really help to soothe the mind, as well as flourish within an indoor environment.

This may mean looking for smaller types of plants that could be at home on a windowsill or side table. Should you wish to also place some within the bathroom or kitchen, you might want to consider how humid or damp environments could affect them, and choose species better suited to those climates.

By doing the initial work yourself, or finding some small changes, you might be able to keep costs low and still end up with a home that promotes peace. This could allow you to feel better within yourself, and even aid with creating and maintaining a sleep schedule. 

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