Holistic Home: How to Stay Consistent With Your Home Decor

Decorating your home is a great way to spend some time. You get to make the place feel like it’s truly yours, and your decoration choices can convey to your guests that your home is a reflection of your unique personality. 

And while some people prefer an eclectic mix of home decor, others prefer things to be more uniform and consistent. 

In this useful blog, we’re going to learn how to have a holistic home and achieve consistency in your decor from your coat stand to your throw cushions. Read on to discover more.

Colour Matters

Your paint palette should complement rather than contrast if you’re aiming for consistency. This means that your walls and ceilings should be the same colour, and any skirting or architraves need to complement and have a consistent colour. 

This applies to your decorations as well. For instance, the colour of your lounge suite and any throw cushions need to be consistent with the paint scheme in your living space. They also need to match any items like coat stands or other cabinets. 

The same applies to your bedrooms too – linen sets and any pillows and cushions need to complement your paint palette. Pay extra attention to rugs and other floor coverings as well, these matter too.

Flooring Matters

Your choice of flooring will matter when it comes to the overall consistency of your house. For instance, you’ll want to ensure that any timber flooring is the same type of wood in every room and that other timber furniture such as tables and cabinets matches it. 

Similarly, in your bathroom, you want to ensure that your tiled floor is consistent with your wall tiling. They don’t have to be a perfect match – but for consistency, you want to stick with a shape and colour that complements your bathroom floor.

Don’t Neglect the Kid’s Rooms

If you want to achieve consistent design all through your home then you’ll need to consider your kid’s rooms as well. Sure, they should be allowed to express some elements of their personality through their choice of decorations or posters and the like. But ensure their furniture, paint schemes and window dressings are consistent through your home. Speaking of window dressings…

Window Decoration

Ensure consistent window dressings in the different rooms of your home. For instance, all your bedrooms should have matching curtains or drapes. The same applies to your living space. The exception here is your bathroom and laundry because you want to avoid fabric window dressings due to the amount of moisture in these rooms. Instead, you might opt for some stylish plantation shutters or Venetian blinds.

These horizontal aluminum vinyl slats can be tilted open and closed to balance light, heat, and privacy. By having Venetian blinds, you add an elegant touch to any home style, owing to their classic style. The most popular categories include aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood, and mini-blinds, all available in various colors, styles, and customizable options.

Cultivate Some Greenery

Nothing adds a brilliant touch of life to a home more than some house plants. You may want to pick a particular species or type of plant to grow throughout your home to achieve constituency in your green decorations.

Your paint palette should be consistent in all your rooms, and any decorations need to complement or match it. Your choice of flooring should also be consistent and fit with any timber furniture you have. Make sure your kids’ rooms have the same design, allowing for some expressions of their personality as well. Pay attention to your window dressings, and cultivate some house plants to add a green touch – just ensure they are the same or a similar species. 

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