Planning to Move? What to Consider Before You Go

Congratulations! You’re planning to move. A new home is an exciting adventure, whether you’re moving countries, states, or just down the street. However, there are some bases that will need to be covered before you can kick your feet up and relax in your new living room.

Here’s how you can settle everything with your previous house and get ready to officially make the move to your new home.

Closing on Your Old Home

When you’re finally ready to move out and go somewhere new, you’ll first want to consider whether there is any work to be done that could make you some money. If you’re a renter, adding value to your previous apartment or home won’t benefit you.

However, if you owned the house and are now selling, doing some work beforehand could help you make some extra money on your closing costs.

Certain home improvements can really add value to your home. Focusing on curb appeal will help to yield the highest returns, like repairing the roof and investing in landscaping. But major areas within the home can be valuable as well.

Of those planning home improvements for 2018, 31% plan to remodel their bathroom, 26% plan to remodel the kitchen, and 28% are planning general home repairs. Make sure to do your research about where the best return value comes from.

If you opt not to do improvements, you will want to ask for a price that reflects the state of the home. You’ll also want to check with your realtor about any rules or regulations you’ll need to follow if the house needs substantial work performed. Getting your home up to code is essential when you’re trying to sell.

Preparing for the Move

When it comes time to actually move, you’ll want to make a plan. Chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve moved since 28% of homeowners get the urge to move every five years. However, if it is the first time, making a plan is all the more important.

When packing up a whole house, you want to do it piece by piece. If you try to do everything all at once, you’ll get too overwhelmed. Packing room by room and by priority of usage are both great ways to organize your boxes.

Additionally, you’ll want to label anything you pack and keep the boxes from the same rooms together. This will help when it comes time to unload and unpack.

Once everything is settled with the sale and the house is packed up, you’re ready to go! All that’s left is getting there and settling in. Similarly with packing, when you unpack, you’ll want to go room by room and take breaks. Though you may be eager to have everything settled, it’ll be good to enjoy the process of organizing your new space.

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