5 Tips for Families Interested in Riding Motorcycles

Motorcycles provide good, clean fun for children interested in them, so if yours are showing interest in this pastime, you’re probably a happy parent. To get complete peace of mind, take steps to provide safety measures and teach your whole family about bike safety, even enrolling in classes if possible. Have a look at the five tips below to see some interesting and helpful information for a family that’s interested in riding together.

Keep Rides Short

To make sure no one gets bored and starts getting distracted, keep rides fairly short and exciting to improve your safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts the number of serious accidents involving motorcycles in 2017 at 5,172. This is a high number, so make sure neither you nor your family make up a part of it by choosing interesting routes and riding at optimal times of day for a short enough time that the ride will be interesting for everyone.

Get The Right Gear

Be sure that everyone is in the right riding gear that has a good safety rating. Never ignore the importance of helmets, boots, jackets, gloves, and heavy pants. In case of an accident, this gear serves as an extra layer of protection for you and can be the difference between walking away unscathed and suffering serious injuries. Take every family member to the shop to get their safety riding gear fitted so that everyone has well-fitting outfits that will increase their chances of safety while riding.

Educate Your Family About Safety While Riding

Make sure that everyone knows the safety measures to take while riding by going over them often to make sure no one forgets. There are many people on the roads at any given time, and this is why you must make sure that you and your family do everything you can do to stay safe. Follow road rules and stay aware of your surroundings, and always take your motorcycles in for service regularly. This last part is even more important when you consider the fact that many bikes on the road are old. For instance, half of the motorcycles that were registered in 2018, a 3% drop from the previous year, were 11 years old at least.

Assess Your Child’s Skill Level

Before you hit the road, make an assessment of your child’s skill level on their bike. This will enable you to know what to let them do and what not to let them do, as well as the maximum amount of risk they’re in at any time. As their parent, it’s your duty to pull in the reins and not let them chase a thrill that’s not safe for them. As they keep riding, things like their reaction time and observation skills will improve, so make sure you know what level they are at at any given time.

Don’t Push Too Much

Finally, don’t push your child beyond their comfort levels. If they don’t want to go riding on a particular day, let them sit it out as they will be in a good position to practice safe riding when they’re fully invested in it and willing to take part. The same goes for your motorcycles. Don’t push them beyond their limits as this will see you having to make more repairs as riding hard invariably leads to more wear and tear. If you have to make replacements, note that it will be cheaper to source the parts online. For instance, a piece of trim that costs about $5 to make could carry a premium of 5000% in a retail shop, but will be a lot cheaper if sourced in an online store as these often have lower premiums.

With these five tips in mind, go out and have fun on future rides with your family. Remember that the best ride is a safe one as it leaves you with great memories, eager to get back on the road again.

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