Marriage Advice for Young Newlyweds

With your wedding behind you, it can be challenging to change your mindset from that of a fiancee to that of a partner. If you’ve never been married before, you may wonder how to connect with your partner as you move into this next phase of life and set up a shared home.

Here are some marriage tips for young newlyweds who want to create a strong foundation in the first months and years of wedded bliss.

Create a Family Home Instead of a House

As a single person, the house you live in may have just been a place to rest with no real attachment to the decor, furnishings and outdoor space.

But as a newlywed, you may feel more motivated to set down roots with your partner and make the house a real home. Statistics show that more than 30 million Americans move each year and if you are among them within a few months of your marriage, you may wonder where to start making your new property feel like home.

A good start for a newly married couple is to discuss and plan together what functions each room in the house will serve, what furnishings should go in each area, and how to decorate the living spaces.

With both of you giving input, you’ll both feel invested in the process of setting up your first home together.

Try New Hobbies You Can Enjoy Together

Having shared interests and hobbies will help you stay close to your partner as you navigate living together for the first few months. As an added bonus, some hobbies can help you save money or live a healthier lifestyle.

Activities like going for a walk or run, working in the garden or cooking healthy meals together encourage healthier living and give you and your partner multiple benefits. For example, most people who garden report doing it in order to get access to higher quality food, but also because it is fun and saves money.

Try to choose hobbies that incorporate physical activity or being outside in the fresh air so you can benefit from these elements when you work on the hobby together. Setting time aside each week to work on your shared hobby will also help you have a time that you can check in with your partner and discuss any issues that have come up over the last week.

Keep dating each other

While it may not be easy to keep dating your partner especially after having kids but it is well worth the effort to look for date opportunities. Dating can help bring a spark to your marriage and keep it alive. If you can not go out for dates try some of these simple date night at home ideas.

Write up a Will or Estate Plan

It may not be pleasant to talk about death and what happens next, but estate planning is crucial for married couples, no matter if they are young or old. While experts recommend each member of a married couple have a will, only about 32% of Americans actually have a written plan in place for what should happen with their assets when they pass away.

Married couples have the option to do a mirror will, where they lay out the same estate plan naming each other as the beneficiary or a joint will that covers both people in one document.

Many online options exist to help make filling out a will much simpler for you and your partner to complete without needing to pay a lawyer for help. Using these templates will ensure you follow the right format and your will is legally enforceable if it comes to that. You can easily update the will as you gain more assets or start a family.

By following these simple tips, young newly married couples can get their partnership off to the best possible start and find common ground that will help them grow closer over the years.

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