Simple Free Date Night At Home Ideas

If you are like us getting out of the house for a date night can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. We have a budget to stick to like many in ou generation student loans, kids, and bills to pay leave us with little to nothing for the fun stuff. Add the lack of people we trust with our children and well going out on a date can be hard. To help keep some of the fun in life we opt for simple free date nights at home. Finding that quality time together while the kids are sleeping has done so much to help us fight off the stress in our marriage.

Simple Free Date Night At Home Ideas

Need a date night? Have no babysitter? No money to spend? No problem these FREE date night ideas at home are just the ticket.

Each of these date night ideas are designed to use everyday day items running around the house so they don’t cost you anything extra. We love to mix things up so we enjoy things that are meant to just be frivolous and fun as well as other things that benefit the entire family. The point is to spend quality time together.

Food and fun

While many think of a date night as going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner you would be surprised how much more fun you can have enjoying that meal at home.

Cook a meal together. Oh, how we enjoy this one. We love to sit the kids down with a movie and take over the kitchen together. Now my husband is not the best cook in the world but one thing he has mastered is stir fry. That would be due to the fact we would spend a night every single week whipping up a different stir fry in the kitchen together. As much as he loved coming home to a home-cooked meal his favorite dinner even after a long day in the Army was the ones we cooked together. Every time I think of that I smile. A wok is now a staple in our kitchen.

Picnic on the living room floor or under the stars in the backyard. Nothing beats sneaking a snack ad cuddling up after the kids are asleep. That chance to relax unwind and just spend time talking to the one you love can make a stressful day melt away.


Trust me on this all work and no play makes fro grumpy couples. Don;t let life get in the way of your fun. Today I challenge you to play like kids.

Cards. Nothing like a simple deck of cards to have a little fun as a couple. Nearly every house has a deck… Or a few. We buy them by the two packs at the local dollar tree to use for homeschooling. When the kids are asleep we drag them out to play a little ourselves.

Board games. You are never too old for a round of Yahtzee or scrabble. Even Candyland can be fun with the one you love so go raid the kid’s stash. We won’t tell.

Make up your own game. Sometimes you can’t find a game with all the pieces or maybe you just don’t have anything you are not sick of in the house. No need to go out and buy anything. Taking the parts of games already in the house or simple things like dice, cards, paper, and such you can make your own game. Have fun and enjoy that quality time together.

Simple Free Date Night At Home Ideas

Health and happiness

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a couple is to focus on your health and happiness.

Workout together. When I truly fell for my husband we had a gym class together. We spent every day working out as just friends. We seen the best and the worst in each other. We pushed each other to do better. Though some of that could have been I did not want my crush to see me fail. Over the years we have come back to that several times when we have fallen out of shape. And well I may like watching him do push ups…

Massage. Spend time giving each other a massage is a great way to relax and bond. After a really hard week it can be amazing how helpful this can be for your mental health.

Take a bubble bath together. As silly as it sounds lighting a few candles and climbing into the bathtub together can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long hard week.

Relax with a good book. Grab a book and relax while you read aloud and snuggle on the sofa.

Fix it, build it

Most couples are building a life together. Turning a house into a home, creating a future. Why not use that hard work as a chance to bond together?

Fix it up. Go raid the supplies you picked up for your next home improvement project or leftover from past ones. Start a small project together using what is around the house to fix something up. I can’t tell you the countless nights my husband and I have laughed while painting a wall or fixing something together. Not only are we getting quality time but we are benefiting the whole family.

Need to build up your family’s finances? Instead of making money a fight make dealing with finances bring you together or have a little fun. Set off to winterize the house together to lower the power bill. Search the house and fill two jars with change. The one that fills theirs the most gets to pick what you do next. Start investing for free with the Stash app. You each get $5 to invest without spending a dime. See who can get the most return.

Build a side business together. Building a new dream and creating a stream of income from it is a great way to bond while benefiting the entire family. From brainstorming to working side by side you will get plenty of quality time together.

Simple Free Date Night At Home Ideas

Want more ways to save money besides date nights at home? Try building a stockpile without a lot of money to get started or stop buying these 100+ things and make them yourself. Follow these tips to painlessly build your emergency fund.

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