Bring Back the Spark Date Your Husband

My husband and I have never really been the dating type. We met young ad had a few dates here and there growing up. Traditional dates have been few and far between with kids so we had to get creative to find free at-home date night ideas we can enjoy for bonding.

When we go too long without taking time together to relax and enjoy life together we struggle to get along. As married couples, we change and grow. Without intertwining our lives beyond the bed we sleep in and the children we raise we can not keep our bond strong. We have to be intentional to keep close with our spouses.

Bring Back the Spark Date Your Husband

Dating is good for your marriage

Dating your husband brings you closer together. You get to spend time sharing life’s journey. By taking the time to put your marriage first you are building a strong foundation for your family. When your children see you spending time together, they feel secure. Feeling loved by your spouse, and that your relationship is strong, makes everyday life so much easier to handle.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is good for the both of you. Whether it’s watching a movie after the kids go to bed or going out to dinner taking a break helps keep you grounded, reduce stress, and enjoy some quiet time.

Every marriage struggles from time to time. This is a normal fact of life. While dating your husband will not solve all of your struggles as a couple it really does help to get quality time together. Opening the door to deal with real life by spending time together gives you a chance at a strong future. You have nothing to loose.

Think of dating your husband as guilt free self-care.  As mothers, we often do not take care of ourselves. It is so easy to let time slip away and not care for ourselves.

A date night with your husband is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. Take some time to pamper yourself do your hair, and maybe get a new outfit. No guilt because not only are you benefiting from this but, your husband will see it as you made the extra effort for him. In the end, you feel great and your date night with your husband makes life better for the whole family.

Bring Back the Spark Date Your Husband

When you date your husband something magical happens. That joy you felt at seeing him each day when you where young comes rushing back. Reconnecting helps bring back that joy and excitement you once had.

Trying something new together is a great way to bring back the excitement of a new relationship. Step out of the ordinary, do something exciting, get flirty, and watch the magic of dating change your marriage.

Sometimes the hardest part of dating your husband is finding ideas. For us, the challenge is ideas that we can enjoy at home while child children sleep but if you have a bit more freedom check out 175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples by Alida Quittschreiber for some inspiration.

Dates can be big or small you just have to get creative. Go on an adventure, stay home and pig out on take out while reminiscing over your years together. Do ANYTHING just do it TOGETHER.

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