Workouts You Can Do With Your Family

Getting the entire family out and active together is a great way to bond with your family and help make your family happier and healthier. A diet of whole foods and plenty of time outdoors being active can go a long way in improving the health of every member of your family.

Build a simple home gym

You don’t need a lot to give your family space to work out and get fit and active. An exercise ball, a couple of yoga mats, and some dumbbells make a great and cheap start to a home gym. My family loves the punching bag that is also perfect for letting off some steam.


We all need a good stretch. Get the family together for some yoga. Kids love to join me on the mat and we keep a few extra cheap yoga mats on hand for the kids to join me when they are up for it.

Get moving.

You don’t have to get fancy when working out with your kids. A simple jump rope or hula hoop can go a long way in getting your family physically active day after day. In the spring these items go on sale for a great price and can be sued for a lot of creative and fun activities.

A Game of Catch

Playing catch can be a good workout as we work on speed and endurance with the child. It is a great and fun activity that greatly helps families to bond. It will help your child improve its reflexes and accuracy.


As kids, we only thought about the speeds we could reach. But the truth is that rollerblading is one of the most demanding activities for the body. The skates are unstable platforms and require a great deal of stability, done by activating the abdominal and lumbar area. The glutes and quadriceps are other parts that are very much activated during skating. Roller skating also helps in losing fat.

Take Props to the Playground

Most children like to go to the park, where they usually enjoy the slides and swings. Take advantage of this moment to stimulate a little more physical exercise: if you take a soccer ball or a jumping rope, you can practice other outdoor activities that will bring adults and children together in real sports events. Flying a kite is also an activity that combines fun with exercise… and the little one will love it!

Go for an old-fashioned bike ride

Cycling is an excellent physical activity that can be done with the family. To motivate your children for a more stimulating ride, create a cycling route – make a note of the places where they must pass, in your neighborhood, and assign points to whoever finds them faster.

It can be the pharmacy, a museum or even the café where they go every day. The objective is precisely to reward those who, on two wheels, identify the spaces that are part of your itinerary more quickly.

Explore Nature

In almost all parts of the city, there are open spaces or trails, so challenge the youngest to walk there, with the mission of discovering new things: from stones to unusually shaped leaves, animals and rare birds or even a coin that someone dropped there!

Visit the local Pool or beach

Community swimming pools, usually open throughout the year, are an excellent alternative for those who enjoy water sports, especially for children. So, enjoy a free morning or afternoon to take the kids to the pool and organize games and swimming events.

Whoever swims the longest or furthest may be entitled to win a prize. Even if it is to decide the dinner menu! This physical activity is especially suitable for winter and in summer you can exchange for an outdoor pool!

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