The Best Workout Equipment For Your Home On A Budget

I need to workout. It is essential to my mental health along with needing to help rebuild strength after an accident a couple of years ago. I also have a lot of responsibilities like running my own business, being a homeschooling mom, and supporting my husband’s career and hobbies, making finding time to go to a gym next to impossible.

By having fitness equipment in my home I can workout while the kids sleep or eat a meal. I can sneak some exercise in between writing articles and all of the other things I have to manage in a day.

Why do you want to buy workout equipment for your home?

Having workout equipment in your home even if you have a gym membership makes it easier to workout even if you don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym. It is not uncommon for my sister to message me and say she really needs a workout but just doesn’t have the energy to drive, workout, then drive home after work. This is why I suggested she gets some basic equipment for your house.

Having fitness equipment in your home can act as a reminder to help you workout more frequently. I keep some in my room and in the main part of the house to encourage me to use them more. Not only does it help me be more active but it is not uncommon to see kids picking it up as well which is always great for kids.

The best home workout equipment to buy

The fitness equipment you add to your home can help you reach your fitness goals and encourage you to put more time into working out by not having to run to the gym, but some things are better worth the investment to save you money on fitness gear or simply to get the most from the space the equipment uses in your home. These are some of my favorites that I feel are great for having at home.

Adjustable kettlebell

One of my favorites is the kettlebell. You can perform cross-body movements with a kettlebell and activate more muscles with every movement, so you burn off more calories and strengthen muscles that are often ignored by other weight-training methods.

Choosing an adjustable kettlebell is a great way to save space and money by allowing you to adjust the weight as you get stronger without paying more because of how weights are priced per pound. I love that I can use the largest setting on mine while the kids often change the setting to a lower one to use it themselves.

Adjustable dumbbells

A set of adjustable dumbbells would be better than a small set of dumbbells for lifting weights at home. Since the overall set uses fewer materials and shipping than a bunch of smaller sets that add up to more, but rapidly become obsolete as you get stronger.

Getting adjustable dumbbells was one of the best moves I could make. Not only can I move up when I am ready but my husband can use the same set of dumbbells at the correct weight for him, saving us even more money.

Rowing machine

If you are looking for the best piece of exercise equipment in your home, you cannot go wrong with a roping machine. Using a rowing machine correctly will work the arms, core, back, and legs with each repetition.

With less equipment needed for a full-body workout, you can save money. I got a rowing machine that I park in front of the TV and watch with my husband or kids while I row. I got a rowing machine with the full-arm motion for even more calorie burn.

Punching bag

You can burn fat without breaking a sweat with a punching bag, if you’d like a workout that gets your heart rate up helps relieve some pent-up tension. These bags burn calories and improve strength at the same time.

You can get an empty bag and a bracket for daily cheap making this a great budget item for your home gym. We added a bag of rock salt to the bottom and filled the rest of the bag with clothes the kids had outgrown and a couple of old comforters that had seen much better days.

Yoga mat and blocks

Yoga is a great full-body workout. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, and a nice thick mat with a block can make most yoga moves more comfortable. You can combine these relatively cheaper pieces of equipment with free workout videos to create the perfect workout.

I love to do DDPYoga which is designed to burn fat, build muscle, and increase flexibility all in the same workout. It is also really great for those that are recovering from injuries.

Balance board

You can use a balance board to make your workouts more challenging or to add some fun to them. Look for one that is big enough to use for both your arms and for standing. These balance boards can be great for engaging the core and helping to muscles that are often ignored to help give you a leaner shape.


If you enjoy a workout that is varied and calorie-burning, riding a bike is a great option. Despite the popularity of stationary bikes, a real bike will allow you to exercise while getting around town, prevent boredom by exploring new areas, and can be significantly more interesting to motivate you to ride. If you hav3 young kids you can even put them in a bike trailer and still get out for some fun.

Resistance bands

Using a simple resistance band set will enable you to get strength training into your daily routine even while you’re on the go. With rubber tubes and bands, you can do a variety of exercises while adding weight resistance.

You can bring this travel fitness kit with you for quick workouts during your lunch break, or you can carry it around with you when you travel. You can even get bands made just for the hips and butt. I love to use mine when working out to help shape my lower body more by engaging smaller muscles that do not normally get used in the same moves.

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