How To Add Dumbbells To Your Fitness Routine

You may not know where to start when building your home gym. Dumbbells are a great option for all levels of fitness. A woman who wants to add weight and resistance training equipment to her home gym may find the process confusing. In order to build the body you want as quickly as possible at home, dumbbells are a necessity. The presence of multiple dumbbell sizes is important for many women who want to get results.

You should choose dumbbells with an ergonomic grip if you want to use them consistently. This will help prevent injury as well as allow you to reach the maximum results from your effort.

Starting with too high of a weight may be problematic for you, but for the same reason do not shy away from going higher out of fear of bulking up. No one can accidentally become bulky. To build large amounts of muscle and appear bulky, one must exercise regularly and eat a lot of calories. A dumbbell set with a variety of sizes can be a worthy investment. Adjustable dumbbell sets are a great investment for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle and add dumbbells on a budget.

For women, strength training has a number of amazing benefits, including weight loss, improved endurance, improved heart health, and maintaining a strong, healthy body beyond menopause.

How heavy should your dumbbells be?

Based on your strength level and the goals you have, you should choose the weight for your dumbbells. Weight-wise, dumbbells should provide the right challenge for you to lift and use but still allow for muscle growth and toning.

Low weight will provide you with an insufficient challenge to achieve any goal. You are more likely to harm yourself than achieve your fitness goals if you lift too much weight. When your dumbbells become too easy for you, switch to a heavier weight.

To save money try purchasing adjustable dumbbells that can grow with you. These are a great affordable option for your home gym.

How many reps can you do?

For your weight size, you should be able to complete 15 to 20 repetitions of your favorite exercises with a moderate muscle strain. Your weights are too light if you do not feel this strain. A lighter weight is the proper choice if you can’t complete 15 to 20 reps of an exercise. It can be used to determine the right weight for you whether you are training with dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells.

Master your form

Starting out with lower weight dumbbells allows you to concentrate on your form more while performing each exercise. The importance of mastering form before you add more weight can both help you achieve your goals and prevent injuries. If you start out with a weight too heavy for a new exercise, you may lose your balance and prevent your muscles from actually being activated without damaging those that are already stimulated.

What dumbbell exercises should women do?

Dumbbell squat press

Squat presses are essential dumbbell moves for women. When you combine your large leg muscles with your smaller arm muscles, you burn more calories. As the weight of dumbbells is added to your squat motion, you can build stronger and more toned glutes, thus helping to create that curvy physique women want. At the same time, the press in this move tones your arms making them stronger and leaner and building just enough muscle to keep your skin from sagging as you lose weight.

Dumbell chest fly

One of the moves women look for in their strength training regimens is the chest fly. Using this move, you can exercise your arms and chest at the same time. Performing chest exercises helps you retain more breast tissue and even lift them slightly even though losing weight tends to make your breasts smaller.

Russian twists

You must work your obliques if you want to tone your abs and bring them inward. Probably the best move to help tone these muscles is the Russian Twist. The exercise will help you tone your abs quickly, flatten your stomach, and give you that griddle-effect that shrinks your waist.

Dumbbell rows

Toning and building back muscles can be achieved with dumbbell rows. When women don’t naturally have an hourglass shape, this method actually helps them create the illusion of one. The fact is that back exercises can help women appear more feminine although many women avoid this type of exercise out of fear of appearing bulky.

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