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The holiday season is popping up and I will be sharing some great gift guides to help you make the most of the season with the least amount of stress possible. For this week’s Journey to Disney Check in I decided it is the perfect tie to talk about gifts for runners so you can get a head start on your holiday shopping.

These gifts are a mix of fun and practical items that make running easier and safer for your loved ones. This guide was inspired by shopping for some tags to put on my shoes with essential contact information just in case.

Custom Shoe Tags

Shoe tags are a great thing to have for your finning shoes. While you can get them in cute designs, with motivational quotes and other personal touches. For mine, I ordered my last name and my husband’s phone number just in case something goes wrong. Personalized shoe tags can make a great gift.

Fun T Shirts

runners need clothes for ear running and go through a large number of T-shirts, leggings, and shorts. The amount of t-shirts we go through is the number one reason so many races offer t-shirts as a prize for completing the race. Race t-shirts are rarely cute enough to wear in everyday life so a cute t-shirt that can be worn out is always a winner.

Custom Travel Mugs

Most races take place in the early morning when it is nice and cool. a hot cup of coffee or tea can help warm you up and make it easier to get going. A travel mug to enjoy a warm dose of caffeine on the way to a race is a great way to start the race out on the right foot.

Race Metal Display Rack

A display rack either custom or one that works well with the rest of your runner’s decor is a great gift for runners who like to do local and virtual races. This is a great way to keep metals from getting lost and to make displaying them easy so your runner can have a constant reminder of all the hard work they put in.

A Little Running Humor Goes A Long Way

You have to have a sense of humor to love running because the fact is things can get a bit crazy when out on the trail, road, or track. Many runners do so for the amazing mental health benefits and get a kick out of things like this cute cup that points out one of the many benefits of running.

Race Map Decor

Many people have a goal to run a marathon in their lifetime. It takes a lot of time and energy to get to this point and finishing the race is one of the biggest accomplishments they may ever have. A custom-framed map of their race can be a wonderful way to commemorate the hard work they put into the race.

Light up acessories

Winter running often leaves us running in the dark which can be very dangerous. Light-up accessories like these clip-on shoe lights can make a great gift that helps to keep your runners safe and sound while they pound the pavement.

Gift boxes of goodies

Gift boxes and baskets are a great gift for anyone. Etsy has a ton of great gift boxes that make thoughtful gift-giving a breeze. This runner’s gift box is a great idea for the runner in your life.

Find more amazing hand-crafted gift ideas from Etsy to make your holiday season bright.


Last weekend we went on our trip up north to my brother in laws wedding. The experience was absolutely amazing. I didn’t get much for a planned workout in but iI did get to job on the trails a few times.

It is so nice out there away from the city smog that my lungs had an amazing break and really had a chance to heal. It was truly a blessing and I am so happy to say that the end result was some major improvement in recovery and performance. We added an air purifier in our bedroom to try and encourage my lungs to stay clear for as long as possible.

We set up camp pretty far back giving us a mix of privacy and a reason to walk and jog more when we needed to go between camp and the wedding location. We had such an amazing weekend and I took Monday off of training to let my body recover from the beautiful but long 10 hours or so of riding over the weekend, putting up and taking down tables, and all of the other running around that was involved in helping out for the most amazingly perfect wedding I have ever seen.

Join us on our Journey To The Disney Marathon for more updates, articles, and recipes for your training journey.

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