How To Use A Protein Shaker Bottle

If you are new to protein powders and other workout supplements a shaker bottle may be a new experience for you.

Great protein shaker bottles make is easy to get your protein shakes in even on the go. They are easy to use but you need to be sure to keep them clean as they can take on an odd odor.

How To Use A Protein Bottle

It’s easy to use a protein shaker bottle. Pour your liquid using the measuring tube on the side of the bottle to ensure you get the right volume, if you add your powder first it throws things off. Add your shaker ball and drink power.

Place the lid on your shaker bottle after all ingredients have been loaded to prevent accidental spills. If you have ever had the lid pop open while shaking these you know it is a pain to deal with. Once the bottle is fully blended, shake it vigorously in all directions for a few minutes.

If you are wearing a heart monitor you can play around and try to hit the fat-burning zone while you shake. The majority of supplement powders should just need a quick shake, while protein powders require more mixing and are less convenient.

If you plan on mixing protein powder in your shaker bottle, be sure it’s fully mixed before you drink it or you may get a mouthful of dry powder.

What Is The Ball In A Shaker For?


A shaker bottle uses a ball to mix its contents by shaking it around inside while the ball flies around. Wire shaker balls tend to be easier to clean and give a better mix similar to using a whisk.

Plastic balls, which are available in some shaker bottles, operate similarly and are easier to clean, but they are not as effective for thick powders. It is possible to purchase replacement balls separately if you lose your shaker bottles.

There are several other styles of shaker bottles including ones that do not need anything added to help mix like the Helimix Vortex which is shaped in such a way that the contents bounce off the sides. 

One option is a screen that goes at the top of the shaker bottle. I personally and NOT a fan of these as the powder tends to get stuck to the screen in lumps that ruin the whole texture of my protein shakes. I will usually toss these in the recycling bin and put a wire ball inside instead.

What is the cup at the bottom of my shaker bottle for?

This handy cup is there for placing protein powder that you can mix into your drink later on the go. Protein powders can break down and take on an odd texture and odor if you let them sit too long.

These shaker bottles are made so you can have the freshest shakes even if it is late afternoon and you have been away from home all day. The hard part is finding extra cold water or milk on the go for mixing.

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