How To Clean A Protein Shaker Bottle

The worst part of dealing with a shaker bottle is the odors they can get. Even the best shaker bottles can have a weird or unpleasant odor. With proper care, shaker bottles can be easy to use and last for years.

Why Does My Shaker Bottles Smell?

Shaker bottles tend to accumulate a weird odor fairly quickly. It’s because the protein breaks down and leaches the odor into the plastic, where it will stick. If you forget your shaker bottle with a protein shake still in it, the shaker will begin to smell bad as soon as you put it in your gym bag for more than a few hours.

How To Clean A Protein Shaker Bottle

It is easy to clean a protein shaker bottle. If possible, rinse your protein shaker bottle out after use before discarding it in the back if you do not have time to do so.

Wash the protein shaker bottles completely by pulling them apart and letting them soak in hot soapy water for several minutes. You will be able to remove any odors that have gotten into the plastic and loosen anything that is stuck to the grooves of your shaker bottle.

Make sure to scrub every part of your shaker bottle, paying close attention to groves along the rim and the inside of the lid where protein powder is trapped, leading to odors and the growth of bacteria.

Can I Put My Protein Shaker In The Dishwasher?

You can detach the shaker bottle from the lid and place it in the dishwasher. Place the shaker bottle and lid on the top rack, opening the drinking spout of the bottle. Separate each piece and place it on the top rack.

Place your shaker ball in the silverware compartment to avoid it getting lost. Before putting away your shaker bottle, double-check the grooves to ensure that there are no remaining protein powders.

If it did not come out clean, place it in a sink filled with soapy water to catch any missed bits from other dishes that might be blocking your dishwasher’s stream. If that fails try soaking the offending part in hydrogen peroxide until the bubbling stops then rinse away the grime.

Do stainless steel protein shakers smell?

Yes, stainless steel protein shakers can still absorb odors. It is a good thing that stainless steel shaker bottles will not retain odors, which makes them easier to clean after sitting for a long time. Because these bottles have plastic lids, odors can easily accumulate on them.

What if you lose the shaker ball while cleaning your shaker cup?

The most common dilemma when cleaning yoru protein shaker cup is that the shaker balls become lost or deformed very easily. Many people do not know that you can easily buy replacement shaker balls and end up buying another cup. Instead of wasting money simply order new shaker balls offline and skip the trip to the store.

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