Handy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has been a staple for killing bacteria for years. Now we know that it is not the best choice for cleaning wounds as it can damage healthy skin but Hydrogen Peroxide still has so many uses in and around the house and the low cost makes it very frugal.

For many families in today’s economy finding ways to get jobs done around the home for less is essential to taking care of our families without struggling. Using every day easy to obtain and frugal items like hydrogen peroxide, WD40, and Zote Soap are great ways to help do this.

Handy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Handy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Cleaning the mold out of sippy cup lids. Soak the lid of sippy cups in a bowl of peroxide to loosen hard to clean mold, mildew, and stuck on food.

No one likes finding a sippy cup under the couch but hydrogen peroxide makes cleaning it so much easier.

2. Make a foaming cleaner for around the home by mixing 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup water, and on tablespoon Dawn dish detergent to make a great foaming cleaner that kills germs for around the house.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean when mold and mildew become an issue in your home. IT’s ability to kill mold makes it a great choice for areas that get mold issues lie the seals on your refrigerator.

4. Clean and disinfect toothbrushes. Toothbrushes are teeming with bacteria. A squirt of peroxide can get deep into the bristles and clean out your toothbrush better than anything else.

5. Clean and strip cloth diapers. Prefolds are a pain to wash and sometimes they don’t get as germ-free as you would like or you end up dealing with the rash issues.

Peroxide is great for getting deep into the fibers of pre fold cloth diapers. Mix 1 cup per gallon of water and soak your cotton diapers until bubbling stops. Follow with a normal wash.

Handy Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide every mom needs to know

6. Really clean the cutting boards by giving them a spray and letting sit until bubbling stops before washing as usual.

7. Make your toilet bowl shine. Scrubbing the toilet is not a fun chore but spraying hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl does the hard work for you along with killing the bacteria that builds up in the toilet bowl.

8. A great way to lighten your hair. Bleach can dry your hair and even kill it. While still drying peroxide is a great option for lightening your hair just a bit with less risk than bleach. Peroxide can still dry your hair a good bit so condition after.

9. Reduce fungus in your garden. If your garden ends up suffering from fungus you can dilute peroxide and spray it onto your plants for a safe and effective antifungal. Bonus, hydrogen peroxide is naturally found in rainwater but not your tap water so using it in your garden gives your plants what they need from nature.

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