Handy Uses for Scrubbing Bubbles Beyond the Bathroom

Don’t get me wrong. I love my homemade all-natural cleaners but, there’s something about scrubbing bubbles that makes me happy.  Especially when I am nesting.

If you ask my husband and kids they will tell you I can get a bit crazy with it and if I break out the scrubbing bubbles you better get moving because anything that doesn’t move gets cleaned. Over the years I have found some great uses for Scrubbing bubbles.

Uses for scrubbing bubbles

Clean your Grill Grates with scrubbing bubbles

As the weather turns warm more and more of us are thinking about cookouts and starting up the grill but odds are your grill grates are not quite as ready as you are to dive right in. To make your grill grates easy to refresh for the season spray them down with scrubbing bubbles and let sit before you start scrubbing.

Cleaning carpet stains

Carpet stains. Scrubbing bubbles is great for helping pull up food-based stains easy. Simply spray, it let bubble up and blot up with a clean white cotton cloth. Repeat until the stain is gone. Use this simple trick for quick and easy clean-ups.

This has been a huge time saver when it comes to cleaning up after my kids. While a carpet cleaner is truly an amazing tool to have on hand for keeping your home clean they are not always in the budget for everyone. A bottle of scrubbing bubbles or a knockoff is much more affordable.

Easy way to clean walls

Cleaning walls has never been easier. Spray a thin coat of scrubbing bubbles on the wall, let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe off.

This is one of the best tricks for cleaning semi-gloss paint but you can do a patch test on other wall coverings before using this trick. While I am at it I give the baseboards a spray too.

Prep your patio set for the summer

Make your patio set shine! Dirt and grime build up on your patio table but a quick spray of scrubbing bubbles makes cleaning it off easy.

Follow up with a spray from your hose and you are done. This is also great for cleaning the mailbox and other outdoor fixtures that don’t get much attention.

Make your sink shine

Get your sink clean and shiny. From the built-up gunk behind the faucet to the outside of your appliances to the actual sink itself I find scrubbing bubbles helps make short work of tough cleaning projects.

Scrubbing the kitchen can become scrubbing-free when you have scrubbing bubbles do all of the work. When I went through my Fly Lady stage I always kept a bottle by my sink to make it shine.

Clean a tough stovetop

The kitchen is one of the busiest and messiest parts of the home. Food easily gets stuck onto your stovetop. We tend to make a lot of messes on the stove when cooking things like soup and pasta sauce for a large family. Simply the filling of bowls can get really messy so this helps make short work of it all.

Scrubbing bubbles can be used to release stuck-on food making it easier to wipe away leaving your stovetop clean. Simply spray and let sit while you work on cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

Detail your car

Clean your car with scrubbing bubbles. Scrubbing bubbles can get the dust, dirt, and grime off of your dashboard and other hard and vinyl surfaces in just a few minutes really cutting down on the time it takes to detail your car. Add a can of scrubbing bubbles to your car detailing kit.

Kill bugs and spiders

Kill spiders, bugs and other things that get into the house. A little-known trick for killing small insects in the house is to spray them with scrubbing bubbles. It expands and thickens making it hard to move legs and wings trapping the critter and suffocating it.

Not the most humane death but a good option if you need to kill a venomous spider or insect that is out to cause your family harm. My grandmother may be guilty of killing a few lizards this way in Florida.

Clear away stuck-on food

Clear away stuck-on food from inside your fridge, microwave, and from areas where kids may have hidden food. You know it happens and scrubbing bubbles makes dealing with it so much easier.

Bonus? It also gets rid of the boogers toddlers have a habit of hiding around. Simply spray onto stuck-on messes on the walls, toys, and other places they tend to leave gross little surprises and let sit before wiping away.

Make moving easier

Make cleaning easy when moving in and out of your home. Because scrubbing bubbles can clean nearly any surface cleaning an empty house is a breeze just spray EVERYTHING working from one side of the room to the next then start at the beginning and wipe it all off with a towel.

Use the towel to wipe the floor on your way out of the room and everything is ready to sparkle for your move-out inspection.

Make cleaning blinds and mini blinds a breeze.

Cleaning blinds can be a hassle. To make it easier, remove the blinds and lay them out in your yard. Spray them with scrubbing bubbles and let them sit long enough for the bubbling to stop. Then simply spray away the dirt and grime with your garden hose.

Like Pine-sol and WD40 you can make life so much easier by using everyday tools to help save time. A foaming bathroom cleaner is great for taking the work out of scrubbing nearly everything in your home.

Does Scrubbing Bubbles disinfect?

Yes, scrubbing bubbles does disinfect. In fact, scrubbing bubbles kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. While scrubbing bubbles can help make your home shine and deal with tough messes it also helps to protect your family from illness by killing germs while you are cleaning

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  • Zachary D Bailey says:

    I had to google Scrubbing Bubbles killing insects and this article popped up. Living in an apartment in Iowa, crickets find their way into my place as fall comes around. I hate insects, so I want deal with them as little as possible. I’ve sprayed them with other products, but this is by far the best.