Handy Uses Of WD 40 You Need To Know

WD40 is one of those simple things every home should have on hand. It has so many handy uses that you are guaranteed to be glad you had it on hand when the need arises.

Sure you know you can use WD40 for squeaks and such around the house but that is just the start when it comes to uses of WD 40. We all need hacks to make chores easier like these handy uses for Scrubbing Bubbles or these ones for Pine-Sol.

Handy uses of WD 40

Handy uses for WD40

Get crayons off the walls with a spray of WD 40.

As a parent, this one is my favorite use. Ever since they came out with a trigger spray version of WD40 my life has been so much easier. A spray on the wall and wipe down with a microfiber cloth and crayon to come off any hard surface without any scrubbing.

Calm the pain of a sting.

Use bit of WD40 to take away the pain of a bee or wasp sting. A handy thing anyone should know. We learned this one after my son decided to grab a wasp with his bare hands. A hard lesson he learned with that choice. I don’t think he ever grabbed at a large bug again. This is such a great use of WD40 in the home.

Remove the sticky goo from jar labels.

I love reusing jars around the house. After peeling off the label rub a little WD40 on it and wash off. The residue just melts away. This trick can do amazing things for removing the sticky mess left from removing stickers from the ice cream truck. If you like to save jars this trick can make short work of removing labels.

Get gum off virtually anything.

If you have kids around you may find gum in places you would rather not. Hair, the sofa, your floor, the list goes on. WD40 realizes the stick of chewing gum for easy cleaning. This is one of those handy parenting tips everyone should have like how to get a bead out of a kid’s nose.

Make things shine.

From plastic plants to the trophies on the shelf WD40 can leave a glossy shine when used to clean and buff. Seriously if you need to shine something up quickly this is usually the easiest option you have on hand.

Make zippers glide smooth with a squirt of WD40.

Oh, how I wish I would have known this one before cutting my son out of his winter coat before… Life is full of live-and-learn moments and WD40 is a solution for way more problems I have had than I care to admit to.

Unlock the secret powers of WD-40 with these ingenious uses that will revolutionize your daily routines. From squeaky hinges to stubborn stains, this magical multi-purpose solution has got you covered. Discover the endless possibilities and make your life easier with WD-40!

A great use of WD 40 is to remove duct tape.

If you have ever had to remove the stick goopy, the mess left from duct tape you know it is next to impossible. That is until you try WD40 to remove the goo. My grandma used to use duct tape to fix just about everything and this would lead to hard-to-clean residue all over the house. WD40 makes short work of cleaning up the mess.

Remove scuff marks from the floor.

Something about scuff marks on a clean tile floor drives me crazy. WD40 is a great solvent for removing the rubber marks left behind by dark-bottomed shoes and boots. Every bowling Ali owner needs to know this one for when people don’t follow the rules.

Clean and old toilet

One of the many great uses of WD 40 is to clean away rust stand lime around your home. The toilet is no exception.

Older toilets often have rust deposits from the pipes leading into your home and toilet. If you find these you know that it is nearly impossible to scrub it all off. The good news is that you can use WD 40 to clean this away.

Spray the WD 40 into your toilet bowl paying attention to the areas where water enters it. Let sit them come back with a toilet brush to remove the rust and lime build-up. You may need to repeat this a few times.

Quite your door hinges

If you have ever had a squeaky door hinge you know how annoying they can be. If you have kids in the house you would rather not wake up while checking on they can be a great way to ruin your night.

The good news is that with a good spray at the top, bottom, and any opening of your hinge and a few swings of the door to work the WD40 in you can silence even the squeakiest of door hinges.

Another great option for removing the squeak from a door hinge is to use leftover bacon grease.

Clean your stainless steel with WD 40

WD 40 cand clean and shine your stainless steel appliances. While best not used on your stainless sink or countertops where food may come into contact it will make that fridge door shine and reduce fingerprint messes left behind by little ones.

This is an amazing option if you find yourself out of Stainless Steel Cleaner or needing to clean a tough stainless steel job like your toolbox.

Clean your tools

WD 40 is great for removing grim and old caked-on grease. One of my favorite uses of WD 40 is to fix up the tools after they have gotten really dirty. This helps to keep them in great shape which saves us money and protects the large investment we put into my husband’s tools.

Use WD40 to fix your hair clippers

Giving your family haircuts at home using a set of home hair clippers is a great way to save money. Sadly these often end up clogged or the lubricant dries out leaving your hair clippers stuck and not wanting to work properly.

The good news is that all it takes is a spray of WD40 and running for a moment to allow it to spread around and your hair clippers will be working like new again.

You can use WD to Clean and shine glass.

WD40 is great for cleaning windows and mirrors and making them stay clean longer. The lubricant in WD 40 makes a great waterproofing layer that will help make rain flow right off of your windows.

Use WD40 as Starter Fluid

When my husband’s starter was acting up and we did not have starter fluid to test if it was not the start or the fuel pump he taught me a new use for my WD40. You can use WD40 as a starter fluid.

We quickly discovered it was a relay switch telling the gas to go to the starter and this helped to figure that out. It can be handy to be a mechanics’ wife.

Bring an old bike chain back to life with WD 40

In the springtime when you are getting everything in your home ready for the summer and start to pull out the bikes, odds are you will see some rust starting to form.

The good news is that rusk on metal parts of your bikes and even a rusted chain can be brought back to life with a spray of WD 40 and a few turns of the wheel to help it work its way through the chain and gears.

Common Questions about WD 40

Explore the incredible versatility of WD-40 with these must-know uses! From silencing squeaky hinges to removing stubborn stickers, this powerful multi-purpose product can do it all. Check out our curated list of WD-40 hacks and make your life easier today!

There are a lot of common questions people have about using WD40 and what exactly it is safe to use on.

Can you use WD 40 on a gun?

No, WD 40 is not safe to use on your gun. WD 40 will not lubricate or protect your gun properly. Instead stick with an oil designed specifically for your gun to keep it in the best shape possible both to make it last longer and keep your gun safe for use.

Can you use WD40 on plastic?

This is a very good question seeing plastic often falls prey to oil-based products. The good news is that WD 40 is safe for metal, rubber, wood, and plastic. WD40 is safe on nearly any surface besides sticky glue-like residue and rust.

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  • Linda Holder says:

    I love the ideal of the coat zipper because I have got rid of pants for the zipper not working good. I did not know that it would work on goo too because I like to use things over again. Goo on cans & jars are hard to get off this will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Nancy jacobs says:

    Will it take wax off carpet ?, please let’s me know

    • Simple At Home says:

      In this case I sugest you freeze the wax with an ice cube and scrape it away. Red dye will stain but lighter colored wax should remove just fine.