Amazing Uses for Bacon Grease

One thing that gets me funny looks when I have a guest over while cooking is my old spaghettiĀ sauce jar of bacon grease or two. A family our size goes through a lot of bacon, We often find it for sale as low as $1.99 a pound near us though it needs some doctoring for flavor, and I love to save the grease for it many amazing uses.

All in the name of saving money right? Through the years we have found some pretty simple and amazing uses for bacon grease. With winter coming I am working on saving plenty for our winter baking.

Cooking uses for bacon grease

Save that Bacon Grease these amazing uses will make you never want to throw out a drop.

The most logical use for that bacon grease is clearly in your cooking. Think of it as a bonus fat you can use around your home every day. With the price of bacon and the value of the grease, I think it is worth keeping the fat. During times of war and depression, the women before us would often save bacon grease in a filtered grease keeper jar.

Grease your pan for omeletsĀ and other breakfast egg dishes. I will often pour bacon grease into my skillet when making omeletsĀ using it fresh. If I am not cooking bacon I will grab a dab of bacon grease from the jar in the fridge.

Popping popcorn is a great way to use up that bacon grease. Popcorn makes a great frugal snack option.

Use bacon fat to replace margarine in your cooking. This is a simple substitution that can save you money and eliminate transfats you would otherwise be eating.

UseĀ to grease baking pans. The thin layer used to grease pans does not change the flavor of the food so you can do this for nearly any baked good. We use this for our homemade bread, pies, and well really anything but cakes.

My family loves when I toss bacon grease into friedĀ potatoes or use it to saute veggies in place of my go-to extra virgin olive oil for flavor.

We grease our pans for pancakes and other prone-to-stick foods with a bit of bacon grease in place of butter. This saves money and bacon grease is perfect for building up the seasoning on cast iron pans.

Home uses for bacon grease

Save that bacon grease! These amazing wasy to use bacon grease will make it worth saving every drop.

Uses for bacon grease do not end with the kitchen. In fact, there is a whole world of uses open to you if you end up with a few extra jars when pork is on sale. Thatā€™s not just us, right?

Both the cats and dogs enjoy when we mix a little bacon grease in with their dry food. Itā€™s good for them to get saturated fats in moderation. Donā€™t overdo this for your dog as it can make him sick. One of the kids once left an open jar of bacon grease on the counter and it didnā€™t end too well for our poor dog who had a very rough night.

Melt a full jar of bacon grease keeping in the jar so particles fall to the bottom. Remove the clean bacon grease and use the not-so-good bit at the bottom for use on hinges and other parts that squeak.

Use bacon grease to make an emergency candle. Simply glue a new candle wick to the bottom of a heat-safe glass jar and pour in filtered bacon grease.

Melt and mix with melted Zote soap and solidify to use for catfish bait. This is a great way to use up the last bits of soap.

Use bacon grease to shine and condition your2 leather. Simply use a cloth with a small amount of grease and gently buff the leather.

Bacon grease can be used to make fire starters when added to a toilet paper roll and a bit of dryer lint.

Use as a lotion for dry winter skin. Bacon grease leaves behind a thin layer to trap moisture in perfect for extra dry areas. Yes, bacon grease is safe to use on your skin after it has cooled.

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What are your favorite uses for bacon grease?

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