Best Blender Bottles for Protein Shakes

I can’t live without protein shaker bottles when I’m on the go. While they can be used at home, bar shaker bottles tend to be more efficient and more conveniently cleaned than full-sized blenders, so shaker bottles quickly become a staple in your kitchen, office, or in your gym bag.

I most often use my shaker bottles for protein shakes, pre-workout mixes, and BCAA supplements for workout recovery. I can even be found using them to mix collagen powder into my coffee. Protein shakes are a great way to supplement a low-carb diet.

What To Look For In A Shaker Bottle

If you are shopping for a shaker bottle, make sure the size suits your needs. Using your shaker bottle for more than just protein shakes will require you to purchase a larger one that will allow you to fill it up with water. For multiple-use spill-proof cups that you can carry around all day, these larger shaker bottles are ideal. 

For primary protein shakes if you are mixing up single servings a smaller shaker bottle at about 12 ounces can be a great option. I have the cutest small 12 oz shaker that fits my hand just right and is perfect for whipping up a quick drink for carrying around, it even has a carabiner hook to attach to my camera bag. With shaker bottles like this, you can find a container on the bottom designed to store protein powder, so there is always a fresh supply when you need it after your workout.

The Best Manual Protein Shaker Bottles


The BlenderBottle shaker bottles are the original and the most popular manual shaker bottle option. You can mix your protein shakes quickly and easily using the wire whisk ball in these bottles. 

BlenderBottle offers a selection of shaker bottles from the classics to insulated, stainless steel, and stackable shakers with room to store powders and medications while on the go. Shaker bottles from BlenderBottle provide a range of shaker bottle options to choose from, including sports bottle shakers.

Helimix Vortex

We have all experienced how frustrating it is to lose the ball that is inside our shaker bottles when we take them apart to clean them. As a result, shakers like the Helimix Vortex are designed in a way that the contents of your protein shake hit a number of walls at different angles, mixing your shake quickly and easily without the use of an insert that could get lost.

Huracan Bottle

Huracan bottles have insulated shaker lids and reduce the chance of parts getting lost. The shaker component of the Huracan bottle is nested inside the lid. Although this bottle can take a bit more effort to clean, just like a thermos, it keeps hot and cold drinks just right.

The Best Battery Operated Protein Bottles


It is possible that shaking your protein shakes may not be the most efficient way to mix them if you have ever had a shaker bottle bust open on you while you were shaking it. A powdered personal blender doesn’t have this issue. PROMiXX offers electric vortex mixers that are perfect for on-the-go. The bottom of each bottle has a powerful mini blender that is battery-powered and ready to use whenever you are.

The MiiXR+ Plus Stealth from PROMiXX can even charge your cell phone on the go. Anyone who enjoys listening to music while working out may want to have a backup charger just in case.

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