Low Carb Diet tips

I’ll be the first to admit I love carbs. Sugar, bread, and all the fun stuff. My body on the other hand doesn’t thrive on carbs. When I eat a large number of arbs my body gains and holds on to weight. This of course isn’t just my body. It is however a big issue for me as I work to loose the eight from my last baby and the accident last year.

Now my baby is old enough to reduce feedings it’s time to reduce my body and get my energy back. I needed fast results to help kick start my weight loss and give me the energy to get some momentum. To do this I decided to skip the calorie counting and my usual Trim Healthy Mama diet for the popular Keto diet. This is similar to THM but you are mainly eating S meals. I fell into it fast and it gave me results fast.

These tips are my best tips for low carb dieting to help you jump start your weight loss.

Set an end date. Even if you decided to keep going longer in the beginning having a date in mind can make it easier to walk away from eh carbs. “I can have that in a few weeks,” rather than “I can’t have that” is easier to cope with.

This trick made it easier for me to cope. I set a date for weeks in the future and when I was tempted to eat something I know my body will just store I would tell myself I can have that soon. This makes turning down cake on my kids birthday, iced coffee out with my husband, and that burger and onion rings I was craving a whole lot easier.

Remove the carbs from your home. While I could not fully remove all of the carbs from my home with my family, not on a low-carb diet could reduce the carbs that would be tempting me.

I gave the kids my half-gallon of chai latte I had in the fridge so they could enjoy it and it would be gone so I would not be tempted to drink it instead of a simple herbal tea. As I found things around the house I was overly tempted with I had the kids eat them rather than leave them in the house to tempt me.

Cooking for my family that is not on a low carb diet was a bit of a challenge so I enlisted my oldest to help me having her handle the highly tempting items or making the plates after I finished cooking something like pasta that I would likely grab a bite or two of absentmindedly.

Have low-carb snacks handy. Providing myself with plenty of food that is safe for me to dig into at any moment is a great way to curb cravings and ensure I am unlikely to grab something I will regret later. I made sure to keep a variety from protein drinks and fat bombs, to cheese, and beef jerky handy so I could just grab something before temptation could get the best of me. A shaker bottle makes it easy to make a protein shake anywhere.

Track what you are eating. I was shocked when I began a low-carb diet and discovered just how little I actually ate intentionally in my days. This allowed me to quickly learn where I was not hitting the mark and allowing me to adjust my diet so I was getting the right macronutrient balance.

Get enough fat. When you go on a low-carb diet you are training your body to use fat for fuel rather than carbs. This can be a bit of a transition particularly for anyone that grew up on low-fat foods. Make a point to get in your fat calories even if it means adding butter to your coffee and eating a spoon full of coconut oil. This is where your body will begin to get the best results.

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