6 Ways To Make Your Home Office Cozier & Efficient

Working from home has seen mixed reactions from people. Some love it and enjoy being home, while others miss their fantastic office spaces, workstations, great productive environment, and meeting their colleagues. We all know that being mindful of our practices and staying in can save lives, but work stops for no one. We all still need to hustle. While we cannot recreate the office at home entirely, you can find ways to make some changes to improve the ambience. People have constantly been doing so over the last year. They have been finding ways to make their working space at home comfortable and efficient.

If your home office isn’t bringing out the most productive side of you, let us help. Keep reading to know more about six ways you can make your home office comfortable and efficient. 

1. Colors are important

Using lighter hues can help enhance the vibe of your office. Use a lot of light, cool colors to soothe the eyes while you work. It also gives the impression of the room being well-lit, giving you a boost of productivity.

Orange is the color of focus, productivity, organization, and discipline, according to Feng Shui. You could add orange elements to go around your room to trick your brain into feeling more productive. 

Another color that can help you work better is green. A Norwegian study observed that desk plants and flowers helped people remain focused for long, improving their productivity levels. While we may not fully understand the phenomenon, it is worth trying out. Get a miniature potted plant for your desk, such as a succulent or flowering cactus, to enjoy the pop of freshness every now and then . 

2. To-do list in the center

Being motivated and focused is mostly a goal-driven phenomenon. Remaining aligned with your goals will help you remain focused for long periods. Hence, make to-do lists, some for every day and some for long-term goals, to stay on track. It will allow you to be more productive and efficient throughout the day by compelling you to complete your tasks on time. 

3. Get a nice, ergonomic chair

This is a no-brainer. If you are going to be spending so much time doing your work, you need a nice, ergonomically-designed chair that supports your back and neck so that you can avoid possible injuries and complications later, after prolonged hours of working. It is also advised to do some stretching, yoga, and exercises in short bursts in the middle of working hours to help your muscles relax. 

4. Get storage cabinets for your home office

Storage is an essential part of office space. Get a storage cabinet or closet so that you can handle your files efficiently. You can also use color-coded organizers so that it gets even easier to find the files you’re looking for. This will allow you not to go running around your home every time you need a certain document or even stationery.

5. Create a break-space in your office 

Just the way you have break-rooms in your office, create a break space within your room. Use a cozy chair and cushions with pretty, eye-catching, and vibrant fabrics around to help you feel relaxed. You could even get a couch for your home office and find a great and comfortable cover from fabrics online store to seal the deal. 

Bonus tip: 

Often, you find yourself staring into space, feeling slightly bored in the middle of work. You could recreate your office desk to bring back the feeling of being productive in the office. Personalize your desk by adding your favorite knick-knacks and pictures of friends, family, pets, etc., for constant inspiration. 

Working from home is definitely not easy. However, you can always find great, easy, and efficient ways to be more productive while enjoying your work. Let us know if these tips worked for you. 

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