Jump-Start Weight Loss With These Simple Tips

When we start a new fitness program we all want to make the most of our hard work and sacrifices. The good news is to make the most of our work there are a few things we can do to jump start weight loss and make every other choice we make pay off more than ever. If you find that you struggle to lose weight these tips can help you get back on track and work past your struggles. 

Simple ways to jumps start your weight loss

1. Take a multivitamin

Even if you have the best and most complete diet possible packed with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables you will not always get everything your body needs to thrive. The nutrition of our food goes down from a number of causes including depleted soil that has not been built back up or even the cooking process. 

The best thing you can do to fight this issue is to use a quality multivitamin on a daily basis. By filling in nutritional gaps you can fight cravings, convince your body you have everything you need to reduce hunger signals, and improve the overall health of your body. 

2. Increase your water intake

If you are not getting enough water in your body each day it can send you hunger signals that are not from the need of nutrition. Dehydration can often lead to cravings for sweets that the body is often associating with fluids. To jump start weight loss you should drink enough water. To find out how much water you should be drinking, divide your weight by 2 and drink an equal number of ounces to that result. As you drop weight you will want to adjust this down. 

Drinking water helps to keep your body healthy, remove toxins, and help keep you feeling fuller so you eat less. This can help work your way to the calorie deficit you need to lose weight. 

3. Start your day well

While odds are you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day you may not realize how important it is. As you add more exercise to your day you will begin to dig into your sugar stores more often and not eating breakfast can leave your blood sugar lower later which can lead to binge eating. If you like to perform cardio while fasting to help burn off fat perform your cardio first. 

Start your day either after your morning routine or fasted cardio workout with a balanced meal that induces healthy fiber and plenty of protein. 

4. Build your support system

We all do much better at pretty much everything in life when we have a good support system. To jumpstart your weight loss you want to make sure your family is on board. If those you live with and spend the most time with are on board and willing to support you it is so much easier to reach your overall goals.

If those you are surrounded by do not have your back in yoru weight loos journey you will find that you spend more time and energy fighting with yourself to avoid temptations they put in front of you.

5. Plan rewards to jump-start your weight loss

It is so easy to let your goals go and spend time watching TV or scrolling through Facebook instead of working out or planning your next healthy meal. Set up your plan to lose weight, and add rewards for hitting different goals that work towards your ultimate goal. 

For the best results in using rewards, choose non-food rewards, active outings, and things that help you work towards your new healthy and active lifestyle.

6. Find an activity you love

We all know that to lose weight, we need to create a calorie deficit. To do this we need a combination of reducing how much we eat while also working towards being more active. To help you build a more active lifestyle you should work to find an activity that you enjoy doing so you will be more likely to exercise on a daily basis. 

Trying to force yourself to do something you do not like doing is a great way to fail at reaching your goals. To find an activity you love, take a look at what activities you enjoyed when you were younger or try a bunch of new activities until one is fun enough to keep doing.

7. Spice up your diet

Keeping your diet full of variety is the best way to make it easier to keep eating healthy food. Try new recipes, find ways to make your favorite flavors healthier for your whole family. 

Adding a bit of spice to your diet with peppers or even cinnamon can be a great way to help lower your blood sugar and boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories and lose more weight without more work. 

8. Get more movement in each day

Every bit of movement in your day counts. Look for sneaky ways to add more activity to your day with things like taking the stairs, parking further from your destination, and adding small bursts of exercise into random parts of your day. Here are some great ways to get more movement into your day:

  • Do pushups on the counter while washing dishes
  • Do squats every time you go to the bathroom
  • Calf raises are a great way to work your legs while you wash your hands or brush your teeth.

9. Use an activity tracker

A fitness tracker is a great way to help encourage you to exercise more. These will track your every move, and you can set daily goals to reach or have more fun with it and set a competition against yourself and try to burn more calories or get more steps in than the day before.

10. Build healthy habits

Losing weight is a big goal, and we often only look at the big picture but one great way to jumps start your weight loss goals is to build healthy habits that help change your body overall. These healthy habits can include things like preparing your meals the night before, putting on your running shoes so you are more likely to get up and be active, or set alarms to help you remember to move and drink your water. Every little healthy habit builds on the last for a full-on lifestyle change. 

11. Add strength training to your routine

One often overlooked trick to jumpstart weight loss is strength training. It often surprises women to learn that they are not likely to gain large amounts of muscles no matter how heavy they lift but, in fact, will burn more fat through weight training than cardio. 

Strength training raises your heart rate fast and burns off more calories in less time than cardio and will keep burning more calories for several hours after your workout. As you do build a bit more muscle (which will happen slowly you can not get bulky by accident) you will continue to burn more calories even in your sleep. 

12. Sleep more

Lack of sleep can easily lead to too high cortisol levels. This encourages you to hold on to fat particularly in the midsection, where most of us want to get rid of our fat the most. Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night and if you can not reach that, consider trying to add a nap to your day to help reach your body’s cortisol balancing needs and kick start your weight loss with a simple change.

13. Team up with a friend

If you want to be more active and get closer to your goals than ever before you can get a friend involved and work as a team. This can be everything from meeting up for workouts to simply checking in every day in a chat group to tell each other how you are doing with your goals.

This is a great way to have someone to talk to and connect with that is experiencing the same journey you are. You can even find groups like this on social media and forums if you do not have local friends that are working towards similar goals.

14. Get a body composition scale

There are great scales on the market that use an electrical pulse to check the composition of your body. This is great because these scales are able to give you a bigger picture of what is going on inside your body than you can get from a regular everyday scale.

These body fat scales can be encouraging because even when the sale is not moving you can see your body fat percentage go down as your muscle mass goes up. This can be very encouraging for those that have a hard time not focusing on the number on the scale and in turn encourage you to keep going and reach your weight loss goals.

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