From A Bullet And A Baby To Confident And Strong

My story is a long one and I’m sure over the next few months when I stop by here to link my weekly check-ins I’ll be adding to it and in my journal pages and posts I am certain you will learn a lot more about me and my story but here are some bullet points I will cover to give you the just of it.

:: I was a distance runner in high school. I was never fast but it did me a lot of good with my mental health and races were always a big encouragement for me with training.

:: I have wanted to run a marathon since I was in high school and now I have someone that wants to do it too I am even more excited to work my way up to it.

:: About 4 years ago I was in a terrible accident that left me with a bullet in my chest while pregnant. Something that I honestly thought at the time was going to destroy my life. I couldn’t even lift my pots and pans. I never imagined that after years of strength training, I could do almost everything normally again and would be back to training.

:: I am a homeschooling large family mom, wife of an army veteran, and business owner so I understand a lot of the struggles that moms like me face with getting back in shape.

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