Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive? How To Save On Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great piece of workout equipment for women. People tend to wonder why dumbbells are so expensive when they start shopping for them. Several factors contribute to this. Fitness equipment tends to be more expensive than other items. Due to their construction, unlike many things, they are durable and last for a long time. Unless you are simply upgrading to a larger weight, you won’t need to replace your dumbbells, making them a one-time investment, even for entire families.

The material used to make dumbbells affects their price. Typically, dumbbells are made of cast iron, which makes them quite expensive. The plastic coating on your dumbhbells is simply a safety and comfort measure that has little effect on the overall weight.

The cost of dumbbells is affected by their weight.  The weight of dumbbells affects both the cost of manufacture and shipping. Those who purchase in-store still have to pay extra for the cost of shipping the product to the store.

How to save money on dumbbells

You can cut the cost of your dumbbells by buying adjustable dumbbells, which you can buy once and move up to a heavier size as needed without having to buy another set of dumbbells. Buying your adjustable dumbbells on sale can enable you to save a large amount of money over the course of a few years.

Buy used. It is advisable to shop locally for used dumbbell sets since dumbbells cannot decompose. By purchasing used dumbbell sets, you save money on dumbbells and help prevent them from going to a landfill once they are no longer needed.

Build your collection slowly. There is no need to have a big matching set of dumbbells for our home gym. Work your way up buying what you need or snagging the next size up when you find a sale.

What Is The Best Place To Buy A Dumbbell Set For Women?

The best place to buy a dumbbell set for women is at your local sporting goods store, or in person for used dumbbells. Men’s larger hands are often accommodated by broader grips on dumbbell sets. The best way to buy dumbbells for women is to shop in person or to purchase a set that is known for having a smaller grip, so that they can grab the dumbbell comfortably. 

Shopping in person allows you to feel the grip for yourself to ensure you get the best set possible for your hands. 

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