Easier Way To Peel Garlic

I love garlic. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as too much garlic in any dish. I grow garlic planting each fall as well as have some beautiful wild garlic in the backyard. My husband douses his favorite barbecue sauce recipe in fresh minced garlic, and garlic along with fresh onions are a staple in our butter herb steak we make in the cast iron for date nights.

Of course, if you are a dog you shouldn’t have garlic.,. but for just about everyone else garlic is a great addition to your favorite meals but peeling garlic can be a hassle. The good news is that like everything there is always an easier way. Check out these easy ways to peel garlic to help save you time in the kitchen.

How not to peel garlic

Ok, let’s be honest here Learning how to do things like zest a lemon and peel garlic can be a bit of a learning curve despite being incredibly simple. Particularly if you do not have someone that took the time to teach you how to cook.

For me I had to teach myself and I used to spend forever cutting each piece of garlic out of its shell-like skin by cutting each end then slicing down and peeling it back. This while fine for a quick clove or two doesn’t work well when you have a lot of garlic to peel.

How to peel garlic the easy way

Start by removing the cloves you wish to peel from the bulb. You can do this by breaking them off or cutting them off at the bottom of the bulb. Then try one of these tricks to peel garlic quickly and easily.

Kitchen tools for peeling garlic

Make life easier by using tools to make peeling garlic easier. If you have a lot of garlic to peel or peel garlic often it can be a good idea to purchase a toon designed to peel and even mince your garlic for you to help save time.

Garlic peeling tubes are great for removing the pee;l from your garlic without getting the smell on your hands while you do so. These simple silicone tubes can get the job done quickly even if you are peeling a large number of cloves. To make it more effective cut the bottom of the clove when separating from the bulb.

This rolling garlic chopper will peel and chop your garlic for you while you simply roll it acorss the counter. This is a great item for having kids help you as they love rolling it like a toy car. This is small and can only do one or two cloves at a time but if you do not use a lot of garlic at a time this can be the perfect solution to an easier way to peel garlic in your kitchen.

Using a spoon of knife for peeling garlic

You can use a large knife or the back of a large spoon to peel garlic easily. Simply lay the clove down on your cutting board and gently press down enough to crack the skin without squishing the garlic clove. A large kitchen knife can do several cloves of garlic at once.

Place your garlic in a container

A simple way to peel large amounts of garlic at once is to cut the ends and place the garlic into a container with a lid. An upcycled glass jar or small food storage container will do the trick. Add the lid and shake vigorously for a few minutes similar to when you are making homemade butter to break up the skins and peel that garlic as it smashes on itself.

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