5 Tips For Fixing Up Your Home Before Selling It

Keeping your home in a good state can give you an easy time when you decide to sell. Many small fixes done over a long span of time save you the stress of doing everything at once, and it also helps when you don’t have to fork out a large amount at once.

Here are a few tips you can use to fix your home before you sell it.

Fix Bigger Problems First

Making bigger fixes first will free up your time and money sooner, enabling you to deal with smaller issues. You will also be better able to see small fixes when the main things are out of the way. A good example of a big problem you can start with is the roof.

If it has a leak or some other issue, you need to first work on this. This way, even if you don’t manage to fix all other things, they may be small enough to not be deal-breakers when you find someone that is interested in buying your home.

Mold is another potentially big issue because of the speed with which it can spread in the right conditions. All it takes is ample food, moisture, and temperatures between 41 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit for mold to start growing.

Refinish Foors

Hardwood floors are the flooring type most homeowners prefer, and so if your home already has this flooring, you are at an advantage. Refinishing them well is a relatively inexpensive fix that is likely to give you a great return on investment, so after dealing with bigger fixes, focus on your flooring next.


A fresh coat of paint can instantly uplift any space, so this is the simplest way to increase the value of your home. Just a few cans of paint can give you a $2,001 increase in the value of your home, or a 107% return on your investment. Keep in mind that bright colors cut across many people’s preferences, so keep it bright and simple.

Fix The Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the space with the most mechanical systems so there is a high chance that there are things you need to fix. Leaks in the plumbing and water rot in the cabinets are likely culprits you should check for, as well as loose hinges, broken knobs and handles, and chipped cabinets. If the cabinets are extremely damaged, it is best to hire someone to replace them. Finally, make sure that hot and cold options on your faucets work well and there are no clogged drains.

Do Some Landscaping

People looking to buy your home will see the compound before they even get into the house, so you need to make sure that it is welcoming and well-maintained. Trim any trees and shrubbery that might be touching the house so it is clear to view and also safe from plant damage like heavy branches falling on the roof.

A study done by Virginia Tech shows that landscaping increases a home’s aesthetic as well as the real estate value by up to 15%. If there are trees to offer privacy, the value increases to 20%. This is a considerable value, so make sure to work with what you have and give a boost to your home’s curb appeal.

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When you live in a house for long, it can become easy to get accustomed to minor wear and tear that occurs over time. When you decide to sell your home, you may ask a close friend to come and help you evaluate it so you easily find things that need fixing. They will most likely be objective and also see the property from a potential buyer’s perspective.

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