How To Make Creamy Mashed Potatoe Side Dishes Everyone Will Love

There’s nothing like serving the perfect creamy mashed potatoes to your guests on a holiday. Honestly mashed potatoes are one of the best comfort foods. I was never big on mashed potatoes growing up. My mother had no idea how to cook so they were just flavorless lumpy mash. When we lived in Kansas I fell in love with the Papas O’kellys at Carlos O’Kelly’s. Creamy, buttery, and just perfect. It has been years and I still will not touch a batch of mashed potatoes that are jot at the very least as flavorful. Learn how to make creamy mashed potato side dishes everyone will love at our next family dinner.

How to make creamy mashed potato side dishes with simple tools

Creamy mashed potatoes so require a bit more than a hands potato masher unless you want to spend forever and a day mashing away. I have done this. It does make a good arm working out when are feeding a crew.

I suggest using a mixer rather than a hand masher. My dad loved his KitchenAid and it got so much use for things like potatoes and mixing dough for homemade pretzels.

The best things to add for creamier mashed potatoes.

For truly creamy mashed potatoes you need to add stuff. My mom would toss in a little bit of milk and call it a day. I distinctly remember having a guy friend over while cooking mashed potatoes and he informed me if I put too much dairy in them they would curdle. My mother instantly agreed and tried telling me to use water instead.

This was the same guy that insisted that ice freezer faster if you start with hot water but he had my mom wrapped around his finger. I love to add plenty of cream, butter, and even cream cheese to my mashed potatoes to make them creamy and flavorful.

How to make creamy mashed potatoes.

The most important part besides the things you add is that the potatoes are well cooked. Undercooked potatoes will not break down to a creamy texture and will, in turn, leave lumps mixed in. For the best cooking peel and chop your potatoes into small chunks.

Smaller chunks will boil down faster. Be sure to stir your potatoes regularly so all chunks become fully cooked. Another great option is to steam the potatoes in your Instant Pot before mashing.

Move your cooked potatoes to a large mixing bowl then add in your favorite mix-ins. Milk, Cream, butter, and cheese all make great components to creamy mashed potatoes. I feel you can NEVER go wrong with plenty of fresh butter in and on top of your mashed potatoes.

Use a mixer or hand potato masher to mash and remove all lumps from your potatoes. Be sure to scrape the sides of the bowl often to prevent chunks of potatoes from sticking to the side of the bowl and avoiding becoming mashed.

How to make creamy mashed potato side dishes packed with flavor.

You can add in a lot of fun things to make the perfect creamy mashed potatoes to serve with any meal. Once you have your creamy mashed potato base you can start to add in a lot of fun things like chives, steak seasoning, garlic, and herb seasoning, cheese, and even bits of meat from your main dish.

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