5 Ways To Resurface Your Driveway

Explore the ways how to restore and revive your damaged driveways into their beautiful natural form. You need to make sure that your properties’ entrances bring you home safely. Do that by checking the entire flooring space from cracks, holes.

Here are five ideas for resurfacing a concrete driveway.

The Latest on How to resurface driveways: 5 Modern Approachs

In your search for the most effective method to repair outdoor flooring damages, you have probably heard a thousand times about resurfacing. 

Those interested in making this approach learn something more about resurfacing that they have not known before. It does not stop at using one method.

This list presents you with five modern approaches to resurfacing. Get to know the specific works of craft under Decorative, aggregate finishing, textured, and combination.

Decorative Overlays

Driveway resurfacing is not complete without decorative overlays. For this option, you have two:

1- Stamped Overlay

Outdoor floorings will often use the stamped design, and stamped overlays will be used for old existing concrete that needs refurbishing. 

2- Stained Concrete

Next is staining. You can opt to finish a stamped outdoor floor with decorative stains. The stained concrete driveway or patio will have a vibrant, glossy look. 

You can combine the two methods with stamped overlays as the basic finishing. Top that with a stained finish for a vibrant color for the concrete. 

Another way to do this is to choose one finishing. If you are going for a simple, monolith concrete look, go for a natural stamped overlay. The overlay covers up the cracks and emerging holes on the surface. 

On the one hand, the obvious cracks and creases adapt to a vintage look with staining. Damages become the main decor. You may have plain monolith concrete with basic etching for slip resistance. Then a finish of staining will give the surface a vibrant coloring. This is best to use in properties with a classic look.

Textured Finish

Experts and DIY warriors are now giving the eye to “texture” as an essential part of aesthetics. You can have a basic idea of textured floorings with stamps. Using techniques and specific tools 

Nowadays, DIY users and professional designers can create texture using both mechanical and manual processes. A skilled expert will do the trick.

Manually designing textured concrete seems easy. But there’s a challenge if someone unskilled try to do it. The installer must apply the texture evenly. 

Each textured design is unique. That is what makes this application the choice of meticulous owners. If design like no other is what you’re after, then go for textured patterns.

You got three variations to choose from for making textured patterns. 

To cover cracks and wearing on the driveway floors, explore these materials you can use:

1- River rocks

The river gives an abundant source of pebbles for cement and aggregate for concrete building. And these tiny stones, if put together skillfully, will create cool-looking floors.

That said, you‘ll also have them making “cool” steps. Pebbles and river rocks remain cooled and repel heat from the sun.

In using river rocks, you can choose the sharped-edge stones or the ones with smooth edges. These are perfect materials to create mosaic floorings. They are aesthetically adaptive. 

River rocks and pebbles are also fun to use, especially for 

2- Gravel

Here is a recent innovation; the gravel finish. The shingles form rock formations creates thin shards. Some of these are mixed into pebbles and other aggregates. 

If you need a practical fix for crumbling concrete, the gravel finishes it. 

You may as well opt to use a delicate shard of gravel to mimic a sandy beachside. How would you like to have a summer vibe for your driveways?

3- Aggregates

Aggregates used for concrete resurfacing and concrete repair Dallas contain shards of glass, old tiles, and tiny pebbles. This material creates a look and feels distinct to outdoor spaces. 

If there is a material you may consider the apple of a designer’s eye, this is the aggregate finish. The installers can choose the extent of exposure of the aggregates before they pour a sealing coat. The sealer is in the form of a grout mix to hold the aggregates together.

It’s not enough that you read this material that combines the classic and innovative look. You have to see it for yourself. And you probably have seen these covering many types of outdoor steps. 

Among the driveways, aggregate finished makes the surface super slip resistance. The texture from the aggregates provides that. 

How Much Does Resurfacing Driveways Cost You?

With good quality, quantity comes. Counting the cost for changing the driveway material may be a lot if you look at its standard size, which holds two to three cars.

Experts at driveway resurfacing Dallas would urge you to start with the basic cost to lessen the weight. That will only come at $2.25 per square foot for you. 

That is labor cost alone. Material costs will differ for each. Take a quick look at the cost summary of each driveway application and narrow down your choice:

  • Stamped overlay – average cost is $8,600 ; minimum cost is $2,000; maximum cost is $17,900
  • Stained finish – average cost is $3,500
  • Textured Finishes – basic design cost is $3,500 up to $16,00 for complex designs

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Can you DIY driveways? Yes! Certainly. However, driveways follow standard measures and use tools skilled contractors often use. Without the necessary skills and devices, it may only cause chaos in your driveways.

Thus, hiring professional flooring installers will be the best decision. In working with guys with the big guns, consider the following when talking and planning about your project:

  • Time and schedule of the project
  • Contracts and subcontracts
  • Overall budget
  • Material cost 
  • Labor cost
  • Choose of materials
  • Design preferences

The bottom line is everything falls under your preferences. DIY is fun when you know the steps and have the right tools. And you can surely do so if you have the time and wants simple designs. 

You may now plan how to approach the whole project armed with these basic facts. 

Remember that innovative materials allow you to modify. Combine materials. Mix and match patterns. More importantly, work with what you have. 

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  • Jessie Holloway says:

    I love how you talk about different ways to decorate your driveway concrete. My partner and I both agree that our driveway is too boring and we want to resurface it with a design. We’ve been looking into our decoration options and at companies that will do the customization for us.