5 Ways To Get Rid Of Pests Naturally

When You See A Problem, Fix It

Pests can carry terrible diseases, they can totally destroy your property, they can be injurious to your comfort, and even make the neighbors think less of you.

But on the other hand, if you totally apply all possible tactics at getting rid of them, some efforts may involve using poisons. Some poisons run into rivers, others compromise your home, and can make you sick.

When you notice pests, it’s integral that you get rid of them. Additionally, it’s absolutely integral that you do so in a safe way not just for the environment, but for your health, and the health of the community. Accordingly, following are five ways to get rid of pests naturally.

Steel Wool In Mouse Holes

Imagine you dug for a living, and your fingers were your teeth. Now you know some of what it’s like to be a rodent. You know you cringe when you run your fingers on a chalkboard? Well it’s the same thing to mice and rats when you stop up their mouse hole with steel wool. You don’t always need mousetraps or rat poison—though mousetraps are also technically “natural”.

Mirrors For The Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers don’t like to see themselves when they’re going to peck the side of your house. If you catch one deciding to put a hole in your home, or if one already has, go up there and put up a few mirrors around key spots where such peckers tend to bang their head on your property. This will dissuade them.

Wooden Owls For Sparrows And Other Pests

Sparrows and squirrels don’t like owls, because owls eat them like snacks. If you put up wooden owls where you don’t want critters, this can be a great way to keep them away from your premises. Would you want to be eaten?

Vinegar, Mint, And Honey (Or Other Adhesive) For Spiders

Spiders have to run around on eight legs to get from one place to another. Especially with “house spiders” and brown recluse spiders, you can catch a lot of them by putting natural adhesives (like honey) across the floor and ceiling of doorways—the floor is better. Often they’ll cross there.

Spiders also hate mint, and they’re not fond of vinegar; so you can spray these compounds where you don’t want them to move in.

Hot And Cold Methods To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

At 122 degrees Fahrenheit, bedbugs die. They also die at zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve got bedbugs and you live in a place like Wyoming, disconnect the water in February and take your family on a vacation for about 72 hours with the windows open.

Your bedbug problem will end. Conversely, steam solutions exist to kill the little pests. Hot or cold approaches are entirely natural, though some are more feasible than others, and best approached through professional pest control experts.

Keeping Your Property Pest Free

There are many other ways to get rid of pests, you can read more at Organic Lesson. The key is, you don’t want to just let a pest problem continue. Now this article has only covered a few pests and their natural, organic solutions; but there are many others. Termites, rat infestation, raccoons, ants, snakes—the list goes on.

A final consideration is basic home maintenance. Proper diet and exercise keeps you healthy, right? Also, avoid too much tech time—this has been shown to have a link to poor mental health. Anyway, keep yourself healthy, and illnesses don’t come. It’s the same with your property.

Clean it up. Wipe down counters. Spray things down with cleaners. Reorganize. If you keep your home and premises clean, and in good repair, for the most part, you’ll keep pests away naturally.

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