5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer for Kids This Summer

Summertime is here and that means the kids will be home more often, possibly even by themselves. So whether you have toddlers, teens, or anyone in between, you need to make sure your home is safe and kid-friendly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways to make your home safer for kids this summer.

Check Smoke and CO Alarms

You should test both the smoke alarms and the carbon monoxide alarms in your home — you should have a smoke alarm in every room and at least one CO alarm on every floor. It’s important to check these alarms to make sure they actually work — otherwise, they might not go off in the event of an emergency. And not only you should test the alarms, but you should teach the kids what to do if they go off or in the event of a fire. This way, they can be prepared if something goes wrong.

Create Pool Safety Rules

If you have a pool, even if it’s a kiddie pool, you need to establish some rules for using it. For younger kids, they shouldn’t be using the pool unless an adult is around to watch them. Your pool area should be properly enclosed to prevent someone from accidentally falling in. Additionally, kids shouldn’t be running around the pool — with slip and fall injuries accounting for around 25% of injury claims every year, you want to avoid them falling, especially into the pool. Having these rules will help ensure the pool is used safely.

Cover Outlets

If you have little kids in the house any outlets in their reach should already be covered. But if they’re not, now is the time to do so. Electrical shock is a very dangerous risk if kids stick something in an outlet, so make sure to prevent that from happening. Furthermore, you may want to consider having your electrical system inspected to ensure outlets are in good working condition and won’t short out or blow. Electricians recommend scheduling an inspection every three to five years, so now is a great time to do that.

Carefully Store Dangerous Objects

There are a lot of dangerous items in houses — from paints to cleaning chemicals, these objects can be hazardous if kids get their hands on them. So you need to make sure these objects are properly stored out of reach. Chemicals shouldn’t be stored in lower cabinets, but in high-up or locked areas. Additionally, medications should be stored out of reach as well. Not only should medications, like vaccines, be stored at the ideal temperature, they need to be locked away so little hands can’t get to them.

Consider Installing Security Cameras

Having a security system in your home can be beneficial in a few ways. First, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids are secure if you leave them home alone. Second, you can check up on your kids and property remotely with certain systems, reassuring you throughout the day that they’re fine. And third, security cameras can help deter burglars in the first place. So while one in every seven business has some sort of alarm system, there are plenty of reasons your home should have one, too. Consider installing an alarm system with security cameras to help better protect your family.

When you have kids in the house, no matter how old they are, you should always prioritize their safety. So this summer, consider these simple tips to help keep the kids in your house safe.

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