6 Top Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

Air conditioners are nothing short of a blessing from the heavens above on a sweltering humid summer day. But what if you suddenly experience an AC  failure or your cooling systems stop functioning properly? Safe to say, summers would suddenly become a lot more challenging to manage.

If you too, like most forgetful people, don’t bother about your AC’s maintenance and services, chances are you must have experienced air conditioning failure quite some time. And that’s precisely why we have put together this list of some of the most common causes of air conditioner failure. 

  1. Defective Circuit Breakers And/or Fuse

One of the most common causes of ac failure is a faulty circuit breaker or a defective fuse, and as simple as it may sound, when an air conditioner stops working, these two factors are the last things to come to people’s minds.

If you ever experience a sudden ac shutdown or ac compressor failure, try checking the circuit breakers and fuse of your cooling system before calling a professional. Most of the time, a quick replacement of either of these two things has your system back on, up, and running in no time.

For any air conditioner-related queries and assistance in Phoenix, Arizona, get in touch with American Home Water and Air. They’ll have one of their licensed experts schedule a visit to your house and inspect your systems. 

  1. Leaking Refrigerant

Another very common and equally neglected ac compressor failure cause is the refrigerant leaking. If you feel that your air conditioner is not cooling enough or if the cooling is not as good as it used to be, try checking your system’s refrigerant level. If it is not at the suggested levels, it can affect the cooling, cause air compressor failure and even heat up your ac.

Since topping up refrigerants is not an easy task, always ask a licensed technician or professional to fix your refrigerant leaking problem. Leaking refrigerant is also harmful to the environment which is why you should get it fixed as soon as possible. 

  1. The Coils Getting Frozen

The coils freezing is a very prevalent cause of ac compressor failure. If the air conditioner is not cleaned and serviced regularly, there are high risks of the coils freezing and causing an air compressor failure.

To prevent any such problems, try to clean and replace your air filters regularly and keep the air ducts of your ac free of any dust or debris. Frozen coils can be easily inspected visibly by checking for frost around or inside the coil.

If you feel your coils are already frozen or if you spot any frost on and around the coils, have a licensed expert inspect your system and fix the rings. Please do not try to clean the coils yourself as it may cause more harm to your unit. 

  1. Broken and Faulty Components

It is not unusual for air conditioners to stop functioning properly due to damaged and faulty components such as fan blades, electrical wiring, and connections, and even the compressor. Due to the systems always running, wear and tear are inevitable. It is quite possible that only one of the parts is damaged causing problems in other parts.

Therefore, try to always have your ac regularly serviced and inspected for any potential damage, defects, or faults to avoid any significant damages or more considerable expenses later on. Anything more than 5-6 years old is easy to get damaged, so routine servicing can help prevent any sudden breakdowns. 

  1. Putting Off Regular Maintenance

As you can probably tell by now, avoiding and postponing annual inspections and servicing sessions are one of the most common reasons for air conditioning failure since most times, it can be easily avoided if the ac is regularly inspected and serviced.

ACs should be inspected annually by expert technicians for repair and maintenance. You can contact electricians denver to have your AC units checked. Don’t wait for your AC to break down or malfunction before calling a technician.

It would be ideal to have it inspected yearly to know if there are parts that need to be fixed. This is to avoid serious problems and expensive repairs. Having it regularly checked will help extend the life of your air conditioners.

If not, a lot of damages and faults go unnoticed till one day your ac suddenly stops functioning. A professional; technician can pick out any damages and defects in your system and fix it before it turns into something more serious.

Technicians not only pick out any faults but can also help prevent problems that might arise in the future. So, if you haven’t gotten your air conditioner examined and repaired in a long time, this is your call to have it inspected before you face a sudden breakdown too.

  1. Defected Thermostats

Is your ac not working as it should? Have you also noticed your thermostat displaying the wrong readings or not functioning correctly? A defective, faulty thermostat could be the reason your ac compressor is tripping. A malfunctioning thermostat causes the AC to cycle on and off repeatedly or cause the AC to not even turn on in some rare cases.

But it’s nothing to worry about as this is a minor issue. Thermostats can be easily and quickly fixed or even repaired given you hire an experienced professional to do the job. 

There are numerous other reasons for air conditioning failure, but these are the most prevalent ones. And the best bit is each of these causes are easily avoidable given you have your Air conditioner routinely examined by a professional. 

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